Richard Madeley’s ‘ghastly’ tuna and soup casserole recipe resurfaces

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Social media has been in meltdown this week over the 'shameful' £30 free school meal packages provided by the government.

This meagre food rations featured just two potatoes, one tin of baked beans, eight single cheese slices, two carrots, three apples, two bananas, one small bag of penne, one tomato, three Frubes, two Soreens and a loaf of sliced bread.

Many Twitter users compared the packages to what contestants would get on BBC classic show Ready Steady Cook.

However, another TV legend's cooking skills also resurfaced amid the drama.

UK celebrity newsletter Popb*tch couldn't help but remember This Morning legend Richard Madeley's infamous tuna casserole recipe.

The newsletter read: "Madeley has a signature tuna casserole recipe he likes to make which involves mixing a can of chicken soup, a can of mushroom soup, a can of tuna, some peas, mushrooms and boiled pasta, which he then tops off with two bags of crunched salt and vinegar crips and bakes for 30 minutes."

Richard, 64, even previously said the 'ghastly' dish is the secret behind his long marriage to Judy Finnigan, 72.

The TV presenter said he made the simple dish for Judy on their first date back in the 80s.

He said he was unable to cook at the time, so he just used the tins and packets which were available to him.

Richard has previously shared the recipe and instructions on Twitter, telling fans: 'Mix it up, put uncrushed crisps on top and bake for 30 minutes. Vile recipe but comfort food like Heinz Tomato Soup.

"Crushed crisps make it less runny; crisps on top make it, well, crispy. How tastily ghastly!"

As the dish resurfaced again on Twitter this week, some foodies seemed horrified.

One tweeted: "Richard Madeley, this is disgusting."

While another added: "Demanding someone makes the Richard Madeley ‘casserole’ recipe in Popb*tch. No, I won’t be doing it."

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