Single woman, 34, says men her age on dating apps look like 'grandpas'

Single woman from Sydney, 34, says all men her age on dating apps look like ‘grandpas’

  • Selina Chhaur is sick of dating apps
  • Says men her age ‘look like grandpas’ 

A 34-year-old woman has revealed her frustration with dating apps, complaining most of the men her age or older ‘look like grandpas’.

Hairdresser Selina Chhaur says she doesn’t mind greying hair or even a receding hairline, but reckons the situation online is ‘worse than that’.

‘I am not saying this with hate or anything, this comes from a place of love, but I am like, “God damn, sir, the Sydney sun has not been kind to you”,’ she said in a recent TikTok video.

Selina, who failed to find love on season nine of Married At First Sight last year, went on to say many men in Sydney over the age of 34 ‘look like sultanas’.

‘You have not been using sun cream,’ she added.

Hairdresser Selina Chhaur says she doesn’t mind greying hair or even a receding hairline, but reckons the situation online is ‘worse than that’

Selina is beginning to fear she may never love, but she isn’t prepared to date men who look decades older.

‘I look young for my age,’ she said.

‘Imagine how weird it will look if I am walking next to grandpa over here.

‘People are going to think they are f**king their mail-order bride. That is going to look all sorts of wrong.’

People were quick to support Selina.

‘Girl, I’m 48. The men at my age look like corpses,’ one woman said.

‘Oh, I can relate to this! I’m 35 and everyone that tries to match with me looks so old,’ another said.

Selina said the men she’s been seeing on the apps lately give her ‘leather couch’ vibes.

‘I’m 39 and take care of myself. I have no idea why men my age and older are letting themselves go yet wanting younger women,’ another woman agreed.

Selina believes she looks much younger than her age as she has taken care of herself 

‘And sorry about that but it tends to get even worse and worse. I am 41 years old and OMG! You can’t imagine the sultanas,’ laughed another. 

Others said they now go for younger men after finding older men in Sydney not only ‘look rough’ but refuse to settle down.

‘It is like the partying has caught up with them but they still refuse to let go,’ one woman said. 

‘It’s true and then they have the audacity to be toxic. It’s rough out here for us mid-thirties,’ said another woman.

Her TikTok rant went viral with hundreds of women agreeing men definitely ‘look older’ than women the same age

Men said they find the same thing when they are on the apps.

‘I’m 52 and the women my age look 70,’ one man said.

‘Absolutely, apparently that’s different though,’ agreed another.

But others said most people ‘look their age’ and just think they don’t.

‘I’ve noticed people tend to not realise when they look their age. I’m 32 and always think I look younger, but people usually assume I’m 30+,’ one man said.

‘Need our brain to catch up to the fact we actually do look older than we think.’ 

‘I think you look about 35, so I wouldn’t say you look younger – but you are right some people definitely look a lot older than their bio suggests.’ 

Some women said the ‘vibe’ is similar in Melbourne, LA and New York.

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