STX Title ‘Greenland’ Launches Eros Now Premium VOD Service in India

Eros STX Global Corporation’s streaming platform Eros Now is launching a Premium Video On-Demand ‘First Day, First Show’ service in India. It will kick off in March with STX Films’ Gerard Butler title “Greenland.”

Other STX Films titles that will be made available on PVOD on Eros Now over the next 18 months include “Horizon Line,” “Queenpins,” “Copshop,” “American Sole,” “The Marsh King’s Daughter,” “Run Rabbit Run,” “Devotion,” “Every Note Played,” and “Memory.” In addition to these films, ‘First Day, First Show’ will also include premium programming from multiple content partners in multiple languages.

Premium VOD titles will cost Eros Now subscribers an additional INR149 ($2.04) per film. An Eros Now subscription is available for INR49 (67 cents) monthly, INR79 ($1.08) quarterly or INR399 ($5.47) annually. These are currently heavily discounted from the usual rates of INR99 ($1.35) monthly, INR376 ($5.15) quarterly and INR950 ($13.03) annually. Eros Now claims 36.2 million paying subscribers.

The ‘First Day, First Show’ offering is separate from the Eros Now Prime English-language service which will be launched shortly.

In “Greenland,” a family fights for survival as a planet-killing comet races to Earth. The film opened across 28 territories internationally in 2020 and earned $47.8 million at the global box office.

Pradeep Dwivedi, chief executive officer, ErosSTX India said, “With cinema halls working on the best possible ways to open doors for movie enthusiasts amidst the pandemic, ‘First day, First show’ on Eros Now provides an opportunity for viewers to opt for the best of entertainment in the comfort of their own homes. The Eros-STX merger (which took place last year) enables us to offer premium content for our global audience base and ‘Greenland’ is a first of many such exciting titles to be presented this year.”

John Friedberg, president, ErosSTX International said, “Eros Now’s new IP ‘First Day, First Show’, reiterates our commitment towards providing real value to our audiences. We want to continue bringing compelling content, expand audience engagement and add novelty to the platform by refreshing the service continually.”



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