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LOSING yourself in a Lego set is always fun and our edit of the best Lego gifts for kids is guaranteed to catapult you to gifting greatness in a child’s eyes.

As a present, Lego has always been a no-brainer; for generations kids have revelled in creating beloved buildings and vehicles with their own hands, playing with legendary characters in miniature form and getting lost in a world of imagination. 

And parents love it too – right from the off, children learn about colour and shape and their fine motor skills are sharpened, then as they grow and Lego sets toughen up, maths and engineering come into play with complex mechanisms to master and lengthy builds to work through. 

Captivating an ever-expanding audience, show us a kid and we’ll show you a Lego set to make their heart sing; from Batman to Frozen, Harry Potter to Minecraft; whether your child is interested in engineering or imaginary play, space or animals; if they’re a toddler or a teen – there’s not much the Lego universe hasn’t covered. 

Our edit of the best Lego gifts for kids is packed with spot-on presents for every age and stage… 

Lego gifts for 1.5 year olds

1. Duplo Deluxe Brick Box

  • Duplo Deluxe Brick Box, £44.99 from Lego – buy here

This colourful 85-piece Duplo box will take your curious toddler and turn them into a budding builder. 

A fantastic entry point for a lifetime of creativity and construction, this set is just the ticket for honing fine motor skills. It includes a variety of bricks in rainbow shades, a dog, two cute characters and a swing, making it one of the best Lego gifts to get them started. 

Best of all, the bricks come with their very own storage box, so banishing kid clutter is easier than ever. 

2. Duplo Number Train Learn to Count

  • Duplo Number Train Learn to Count, £14.99 from Lego – buy here 

If there is such a thing as a Duplo icon, this number train is up there. Meet any bunch of parents and, chances are, at least a few of them have this toy in their home.

Many variations have existed over the years, but the train’s classic appeal remains – click-together carriages can be stacked, loaded and built upon then wheeled around with glee and, like most Duplo, it introduces conversation about colour, numbers and shapes. The set also includes figures of a boy, girl and dog.

A total chameleon, children from 18 months can build it differently every time they play with it, so it never gets boring. 

Lego gifts for 2 year olds

3. Duplo Amusement Park

  • Duplo Amusement Park, £89.99 from Lego – buy here 

The sheer potential for play in this Amusement Park gets a big tick from us; complete with seven characters, it has the following attractions: two slides, a mechanical carousel, a turning Ferris wheel with three colorful cabins and a push-along train.

Drop it in front of a two-year-old and watch as their eyes widen – fab little extras like balloons, hot dogs, ice cream, cupcakes and a teddy bear all infuse this set with a serious sort of playtime magic they won’t be able to get enough of. 

4. Duplo Family Camping Van Adventure

  • Duplo Family Camping Van Adventure, £24.99 from Lego – buy here

Forget shared shower blocks and leaky tents, take toddlers on an outdoor adventure everyone will enjoy with this delightful Duplo camping playset. 

Little hands will love building the trees and zooming around the camper van, plus there’s also a canoe, fabric tent, campfire and four figures to get to grips with. 

You can also bring out the mini camera and pint-sized guitar for a fireside sing-song and storytelling session. Adult singing optional. 

Lego gifts for 3 year olds

5. Duplo T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout 

  • Duplo T-Rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout, £27.99 from Lego – buy here

Budding palaeontologists, behold – this Duplo set features a T-Rex (complete with snapping mouth), a baby triceratops, an open and closing fence and a dinosaur trainer on a motorbike. 

Mini builders in the making will delight in capturing the T-Rex and caring for the triceratops, while the trees and gate are enough of a building challenge to sharpen their construction skills. 

A gentle introduction to Jurassic World, if you know a preschool dinosaur fan, this set takes some beating.  

6. Duplo Modular Playhouse

  • Duplo Modular Playhouse, £54.99 from Lego – buy here

Say hello to a modern dolls house with a difference – consisting of 129 Duplo pieces and aimed at children aged two and above, this easy-to-build house is an invitation into the world of role play. 

A kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom make up the house and all come complete with realistic details (including a fridge that opens — our favourite), plus a mum, dad, child, dog and teddy bear figures. 

There are two different styles of home to build and kids will relish the chance to play house; making meals, imagining bedtime and bathtime and embarking on family adventures. 

Lego gifts for 4 year olds

7. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck’s Farm

  • Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck’s Farm, £27.99 from Lego – buy here

Graduating from Duplo to Lego is a big moment for mini makers and this Mickey Mouse farm set is the ideal way to slowly bridge the gap between the two. 

There’s a barn, tractor and hen house for little hands to whip up and the straightforward picture instructions and clear steps to accompany each element are ideal for building up their construction confidence.  

A sheep, rabbit, chicken and horse are also included, plus two Disney legends: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, to create an overall farmyard scene vibe that’s less ‘Old Macdonald’, more ‘old-school chic’. 

8. Lego Friends Horse Training and Trailer

  • Lego Friends Horse Training and Trailer, £24.99 from Lego – buy here 

If you’re desperately dodging the idea of getting an actual pony as a gift for your horse-loving youngster, let us introduce you to this delightful set, which captures all the charm of the stables while creating much less of a hole in your wallet. 

Part of the endlessly popular Lego Friends collection, it comes with a car, horse trailer, stables, wheelbarrow, two mini dolls, a horse and a foal. 

A great toy to spark imaginative play, the attention to detail in the set is brilliant, and little extras like a grooming kit, jump, training reign and feeding bottle are all guaranteed to keep your little one coming back for more. 

Lego gifts for 5 year olds

9. Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland

  • Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Wonderland, £34.99 from Lego – buy here 

The soaring success of Frozen and Lego’s infinite playability collide like a dream in this Wonderland playset, which hits some major bases for fans of the movies. 

Anna and Elsa are included – naturally – along with Olaf and three cute Snowgies. 

The star of the show, though, is the ice castle, which despite its elaborate look is a straightforward build yet a decent challenge for most five year olds that will get them thinking about how construction works. 

Three additional mini builds (including the iconic blue sleigh), some hidden treasure, a frozen seesaw and a brilliant revolving dance floor amp up the drama. 

10. Lego City Central Airport

  • Lego City Central Airport, £44.99 from Lego – buy here 

Made up of 286 pieces that add up to a charter plane, terminal building, fuel tanker and baggage truck – we’re hard pushed to find anything we don’t like about this bustling airport scene. 

Travel might have been off the cards for the rest of us for the last year, but mini builders will enjoy sending their figures off on an aerial adventure – there are three passengers to whisk away, plus two ground crew and a swanky looking pilot. 

As always, it’s the finer details that bring this airport to life and we’re particularly taken with the teeny tickets, departures and arrivals board and the little luggage that actually opens.

Aimed at ages four and above, children will have to form an orderly queue behind their grown ups to play with this one. 

Lego gifts for 6 year olds

11. Lego City Police Station

  • Lego City Police Station, £89.99 from Lego – buy here

Kick their Lego building up a notch with this Lego City Police Station, which is built from a whopping 743 pieces. 

Perfect for kids aged six and up, more bricks means a longer build time, but the pay-off is a levelled up design; think police vehicles with flashing lights and sirens, a detailed glass-fronted building and, best of all, a lever-activated jailbreak function that practically explodes the baddies from their jail cell – now that’s what we call fun. 

An impressive showpiece for a Lego town, this set’s playability is undeniable – two cute dogs are included, there’s a police car with a jail cell on the back and a rugged getaway vehicle. Let’s face it, goodies versus baddies never gets old. 

12. Lego Adventures with Mario Starter Course

  • Lego Adventures with Mario Starter Course, £49.99 from Lego – buy here

Interactivity reaches heady new heights in this Mario Starter Course where budding gamers and builders can create their own level of Mario, complete with start pipe, question block, Goomba, Bowser, goal pole and more. 

The clever Mario figure has a built-in LCD screen, speaker and sensors, plus different reactions to seven action bricks, like Goomba kills and powerups. He also collects virtual coins and plays iconic music from the video game. 

If Mario plus Lego is a dream come true for your child, this set is just the beginning – various expansion packs to create more levels with bigger characters offer endless opportunities to step it up. 

Lego gifts for 7 year olds

13. Lego Batman Joker’s Trike Chase

  • Lego Batman Joker’s Trike Chase, £44.99 from Lego – buy here 

It’s tough to find a more exciting set of adversaries than Batman and the Joker and it’ll be love at first sight when DC fans clap their eyes on this Lego set. 

Aimed at ages seven and above, there are lots of small pieces that make up this scene, which increases the challenge for little hands, but it’s straightforward enough to be done, dusted and ready to play with in just a couple of hours. 

Complete with their scrappy sidekicks – Robin and Harley Quinn – it also comes with a petite Batmobile and the Joker’s trike, which has chomping front teeth. Both vehicles are equipped with weapons, making pretend play all the more enjoyable and realistic. 

14. Lego Technic Monster Jam Max-D

  • Lego Technic Monster Jam Max-D, £17.99 from Lego – buy here

Way more than just a replica of a monster truck, this sophisticated kit is an entry point into the world of Lego Technic, a range for young engineers where builds are complex and impressive and often include real-life functions like gearboxes and steering systems. 

A challenging construction, this set will stretch your child’s spatial awareness, problem solving skills and concentration and the clever bit is they won’t even realise it. 

While it gets educational points, let’s face it, it’s also plain cool – it has a pull-back and release function to send it racing and fierce details like a flag, spikes and authentic graphics.

It’s also a 2-in-1 model, so it can be rebuilt into a quad bike if your child wants to flex their building muscles some more. 

Lego gifts for 8 year olds

15. Lego Creator Fish Tank

  • Lego Creator Fish Tank, £24.99 from Lego – buy here 

This vibrant best-selling fish tank is draw enough for us – including five colorful fish, a submarine, some coral and an aquatic plant, your child will want to dive right into this set. 

But, in addition to this, it’s got over 350 pieces and the potential for three different builds in one (a cute easel and treasure chest), and its value-for-money ratio is majorly bumped up. If we’re talking price-per-play, it’s a bargain. 

The build is uncomplicated and fun and we’ve fallen big time for its desk-side appeal – display your finished tank in your home and wait for the admiring “oohhs” to roll in. 

16. Lego Minecraft The First Adventure

  • Lego Minecraft The First Adventure, £54.99 from Lego – buy here 

If you have a youngster who has delved deep into the world of Minecraft, but they’re still partial to a Lego set or three, any build from the Lego Minecraft collection will be a big hit.

And the collection is good; filled with exciting environments and beloved characters, creepy critters and hostile mobs, it illuminates the game like nothing else and mini Mincrafters will delight at being hands-on within their favourite computer game.   

If you want to start at the beginning though, this set, The First Adventure, is a brilliant jumping-off point. The three-level structure is a fascinating environment for children to explore and not short of surprises either, with a waterfall elevator, collapsible rail tracks, sliding earth blocks and explosions to keep things interesting.

Minecraft favourites Steve and Alex plus two skeletons, a dyed cat, horned sheep and moobloom will also keep them captivated and coming back for more. 

Lego gifts for 9 year olds

17. Lego Creator Medieval Castle

  • Lego Creator Medieval Castle, £89.99 from Lego – buy here 

Another best-seller from the Lego Creator collection – like all the sets in the range, this jam-packed Medieval Castle includes three builds in one, meaning triple the fun for kids and triple the value for adults. That’s a win win in our book. 

While the open-backed castle, with its working drawbridge and water mill, is clearly the headline act, the two other builds: a castle tower with a catapult and a bustling marketplace, offer the perfect opportunity to extend play and develop your child’s building skills. 

Made for children aged nine and above, there are three mini figures, a skeleton, dragon and if you look closer, loads of nifty touches like a hidden wall for escaping, a King’s throne and a dungeon hidden in the castle’s depths. 

18. Lego Ninjago Fire Stone Mech

  • Lego Ninjago Fire Stone Mech, £64.99 from Lego – buy here 

TV fans can immortalise the fierce characters of Ninjago in Lego form and play out some epic battles from the series with this imposing ninja mech set, which also comes with five minifigures: Hero Kai, Hero Nya, Hero Cole and their enemies, Moe and Murt.

It’s an engrossing, intricate process to build for children aged nine plus – this is where Lego starts to get really interesting as children can take joy in the slow process of construction. 

Once built, two ninjas can nestle nicely in the mech’s cockpit, and the mech itself is delightfully posable with moving arms and legs, a huge sword and the ability to fire studs from its shooters. 

Let your child’s imagination run wild as they replay scenes from the TV series and disappear into a world of fantasy fun. 

Lego gifts for 10 year olds

19. Lego Star Wars AT-AT

  • Lego Star Wars AT-AT, £139.99 from Lego – buy here 

This might be aimed at children aged 10 and up, but trust us when we say Star Wars fans of all ages will appreciate the sheer scale and beauty of this magnificent AT-AT building kit. 

Standing at a towering 34cm tall and built from 1,267 pieces, this four-legged All Terrain Armored Transport vehicle – an iconic symbol of Imperial force – is as much a show of building prowess as it is a display of movie fandom.

Reliving the Battle of Hoth and other classic scenes will be a pure joy for fans – different sections open up within the vehicle, there are spring-loaded shooters, a speeder bike inside and authentic details like a winch to pull up Luke and his thermal detonator element.

A collectable, dramatic slice of movie magic destined for a lucky mantelpiece, getting your Star Wars geek on doesn’t get much more fun than this. 

20. Lego Friends Summer Fun Water Park

  • Lego Friends Summer Fun Water Park, £89.99 from Lego – buy here

If some of the smaller sets are too much of a low-key Lego gift for you, this Summer Fun Water Park from the Lego Friends range is a big-ticket item guaranteed to become an instant prized possession. 

Created for ages nine and above, it’s a big build with serious wow factor and as such, requires more patience to create. The sense of accomplishment at the final result is worth the effort, though, and it’s still simple enough to be enjoyable as your child works through the instructions. 

As you’d expect, there’s an awful lot going on here – with three slides, a water cannon, splash bucket, hot tub, relaxation area, changing rooms, an ice cream van and four minifigures, among many other fun little details – it’s the perfect set for kids to play out their dream summer day out. 

Lego gifts for 11 year olds

21. Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian and The Child

  • Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian and The Child, £17.99 from Lego – buy here

If you know someone whose heart was stolen by Baby Yoda (so, everyone then), this simple, good-value set is a surefire winner. 

Part of the Lego BrickHeadz range, which are predominantly for collecting and displaying, pre-teens into Star Wars and The Mandalorian will fly through the build as each head only takes around half an hour to complete, although the construction itself requires new techniques to keep builders on the ball. 

Most die-hard fans agree the intricate detail of Mando’s costume from season one and his two signature weapons make him the standout star in the pair, although Baby Yoda’s adjustable ears and twinkling eyes are almost impossible to resist. This is the way, indeed. 

22. Lego Marvel Avengers Helicarrier

  • Lego Marvel Avengers Helicarrier, £109.99 from Lego – buy here

You’ll gain instant legendary status as a gift giver if you treat a Marvel fan to this rather epic Avengers Helicarrier. 

When it comes to Lego sets for kids, this famous floating command centre is a grade A present – even the line-up of Avengers minifigures that come with it is impressive and includes Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow, War Machine and Nick Fury, who all band together to battle the big-brained super villain M.O.D.O.K.

Made up of 1,244 pieces, the build is a biggie, but the beauty is in the gradual construction of this hefty carrier – kids will love to watch as it slowly comes to life with its lifelike rotors, sphere cannons, a cockpit for three superheroes, cool weapons and vehicles. 

Lego gifts for 12 year olds

23. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

  • Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Express, £74.99 from Lego – buy here 

Of all the Harry Potter scenes to recreate in Lego form, our coveted top spot has to go to the Hogwarts Express train leaving from King’s Cross Station. 

With a target age range of eight to 14, the 801 pieces that make up this set add up to pure magic. 

Harry Potter fans take no prisoners when it comes to getting the details right and this set nails it at every turn – the clock hands that can be moved, a spinning wall to lead to platform 9¾, a ‘Wanted’ poster, printed newspapers in a moveable stand and candy from the trolley make it endlessly playable.  

You also get five must-have minifigures in this children’s Lego set: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin and the Trolley Witch, plus a Dementor and Scabbers. 

24. Lego Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R

  • Lego Technic Ducati Panigale V4 R, £54.99 from Lego – buy here

If you really want to up your gifting game, this Ducati Panigale kit has tons of attitude and is as high-octane as Lego builds get. 

Promising young engineers can dream of owning the real thing one day as they build this lifelike replica, which comes complete with kickstand, exhaust pipe, windshield and dashboard. 

The construction of the motorbike demands serious concentration and an appreciation for mechanics; with front and rear suspension and disc brakes for realistic movement, it’s also the first in the Lego Technic range to ever include a working gearbox.

What age can children start playing with Lego?

Lego has sets aimed at children as young as 18 months, but the age at which your child is ready to play with Lego comes down to their fine motor skills. More intricate sets with small pieces are not suitable for very young children due to them being a choking hazard — however, Lego also makes Duplo, which is designed for the first three years of a child’s life and is developed alongside early education experts.

Is Lego a good gift for children?

As long as you make sure the set you’re buying is age-appropriate for the child you’re buying for, Lego can be a great gift for a child. There’s a huge number of interest-specific sets that mean you can ensure you’ll be buying something they’re interested in – whether that be Music, Marvel, Minecraft or Mickey Mouse. 

What should I get a Lego Lover?

That depends on their interests — if they’re a fledgling petrolhead, then you might want to get them a set of race cars, or if you’re feeling especially generous, a Porsche 911 with a moving steering wheel and gearshift.

But if they’re more interested in Princesses than Porsches, then they might prefer to build Belle and the Beast’s castle, or Anna and Elsa’s Frozen wonderland.

If you’ve been banned from buying sets for a Lego-loving child due to household clutter, don’t despair: Lego also sells branded clothing, including a surprisingly stylish collaboration with Adidas.

Where to buy Lego

As one of the most popular toys in the world, Lego is available from a number of retailers. Some include:

  • Lego website
  • Amazon
  • Selfridges
  • Hamleys

Where can I buy a Lego gift card?

If you want to buy a child some Lego but aren’t sure about their tastes, then it might be a safer bet to buy them a Lego Gift Card – it’s more thoughtful than just giving them cash, but still gives them the freedom to buy exactly the set they want.

Handily, you can buy either an e-Gift Card, which can be used on the Lego website or Lego phone orders, or a physical Gift Card, which can also be used in Lego stores. You can put any amount of money between £5 and £500 on it, as long as it’s a multiple of £5. 

Gift Cards are available to purchase from the Lego website. Physical Gift Cards take between 4 and 7 business days to arrive, while an e-Gift Card should land in your inbox within 24 hours – handy if you need it last-minute.

  • Lego Gift Card, between £5 and £500 – buy here

How to redeem a Lego gift card

If you’ve bought a physical Gift Card, then you’ll need to scratch into view its PIN number, which you should find on its reverse side. For online orders, you’ll have to put in the card number and PIN number when requested. For phone orders, tell the operator the digits when prompted, and for in-store purchases, simply present the card to the Sales Associate.

For e-Gift Cards, just enter the 19-digit code found in your email in the appropriate fields, or read it out to the operator when making a phone purchase.

Do Lego gift cards expire?

No. As long as there’s still a balance on the gift card, the recipient will be able to use it any time they like.

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