Trader Joe's Succulent-Filled Wine Bottles Are So Cute We Just Had to Share Them with You

Finding arrangements that both look good and last long is not easy. It always seems to be one or the other…but Trader Joe’s is definitely on to something. As we all know, succulents have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years due to their cute look and ease of care. I mean seriously it takes skill to kill one of those bad boys — they don’t need much sunlight or water to survive. One of the hidden gems of Trader Joe’s is definitely their plant section. Their prices are super affordable and the plants are always stunning. They just released an adorable “ode to alcohol” with their succulent-filled wine bottle arrangements that are great for any of you out there that do not have a green thumb.

The popular Instagram account @Traderjoeslist, which shares the best TJ finds, posted a photo of the beautiful arrangements, that, by the way, cost under 13 dollars! They wrote, “These are allowed during #dryjanuary, right? 🤣😉 They’re one of the cutest #traderjoes arrangements ever and $12.99!” TJ fans are loving this item, one person commenting “Bought three of them this weekend, wish I got more!! They’re so cool, and make great gifts”

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Indoor plants are great for times like these when we are stuck inside, and having some greenery can boost your mood (who doesn’t love that?) People seem to be snatching these succulent wine bottles off of the shelves super fast so make sure to go to your local TJs as soon as possible if you want one…or maybe three for yourself.

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