Woman finds out her husband was cheating on Facebook Live

Woman finds out her husband was cheating on her after his married mistress’s spouse posted a Facebook Live video of them getting busted together at a motel

  • US-based TikTok user @spicystoner101, who refers to herself as QueenD101, shared the shocking footage along with a series of follow-up videos
  • In the clip, her husband Anthony and his mistress Amy are caught at a motel together by Amy’s spouse, who streamed the moment on Facebook Live 
  • QueenD101, who is from the south, explained that Amy’s husband sent her the damning video as well as text messages between their unfaithful spouses 
  • She said her husband pretended Amy had a son named Joey and claimed he was friends with him so he could spend time with his mistress 
  • QueenD101 noted she and Anthony split after a confrontation at the motel, but he continued to lie to her about his relationship with Amy until they broke up

A woman has revealed that she found out her husband was cheating on her after his mistress’s husband posted a Facebook Live video of them getting caught at a motel together. 

TikTok user @spicystoner101, who refers to herself as QueenD101, shared the shocking footage on the platform along with a series of follow-up videos about her discovery of the affair, writing: ‘This is how I found out my husband was cheating!’ 

The video started with her husband’s mistress, Amy, being confronted by her own spouse outside of her motel room, demanding that she open the door. QueenD101’s husband Anthony then walked out of the room shirtless.  

Busted: A woman discovered her husband (left) was cheating on her when a video of him and his mistress (right) was posted on Facebook Live by the mistress’s husband 

Caught: The scorned husband shared the video of his wife Amy on Facebook Live – and then sent it to the boyfriend’s wife, who posted it on TikTok

‘So how long have you been messing around with my wife?’ Amy’s husband asked. 

‘Whatcha mean?’ Anthony replied, angering the scorned husband even more. 

‘What do you mean what do I mean?’ he shouted back, prompting Amy to protectively step in front of Anthony. 

Amy’s husband asked her if she wanted him to leave and she quietly said no. When he asked if she loved the other man, she admitted: ‘I don’t know.’ 

The situation intensified when her husband announced that he was streaming the entire conversation online. 

‘This is Facebook Live. Your daughter sees that and your wife sees that. Your wife,’ he told Anthony. ‘I added her tonight when I seen my wife was at a motel.’ 

‘Man, you don’t need to know my wife. Get out of my face,’ Anthony hit back. ‘What do you mean my wife’s seen this s**t?’   

Amy’s husband reiterated that the moment was being streamed on Facebook Life,  provoking Anthony, who demanded: ‘Get me off that s**t because you don’t know who I am.’ 

The video ended with Amy’s husband walking away, muttering: ‘Can you believe that s**t?’ 

The TikTok user’s video has been viewed more than 7.5 million times, and viewers had plenty of questions for her. She opened up about her relationship and its demise over the course of nearly three dozen videos.   

‘This is the tea that everyone is wanting…how my life got flipped around,’ she said at the start of the follow-up clips. 

QueenD101 explained she and her husband had just moved, and he had started a new job. As he made friends, he started to go out more, which she said wasn’t a problem for her — at first.   

‘We never had any trust issues, so him wanting to go out was perfectly fine with me,’ she said. ‘But then I noticed things starting to change with him, like him not wanting to come home, him staying out all night, him being real secretive with his phone. Things that have never happened previously in the eight years we were married.’

QueenD101 said they made up that Amy had a son named Joey, whom Anthony claimed to be friends with as an excuse to spend time with his mistress.   

‘And he would always [say], “I’m going to go hang out with Joey, I’m going to do this with Joey,” but the whole time he was hanging out with her. One night, he messages me and tells me, “Hey can Joey and his girlfriend and his mom come stay the night?”‘

They told her that Amy’s husband ‘just got out of a mental institution’ and was threatening to shot and kill her, which is why she agreed to the sleepover.  

‘She ended up staying the night. I did that favor for her, but the whole time, apparently, they were messing around,’ QueenD101 said. 

Around this time, she said her husband had moved closer to his job and was staying with a friend while they searched for a house.  

‘Then all of a sudden, I started noticing that he wasn’t responding to my messages, wasn’t answering my calls,’ she recalled. ‘I could never come and actually see him.

‘And whenever he did call me, it was always like he would come outside, and I was always like, “Why do you always come outside when you talk to me?” And he would always lie. Lies, lies, lies.’

QueenD101 said the day before Amy’s husband filmed the Facebook Life video, they had gone on a date. After, he claimed that he was going to see his mom, but he refused to let her join him.   

‘It caused an argument and I was like, OK, whatever, got out the car,’ she said. ‘Then he left, and not even 30 minutes later, I was on Facebook, got a message request, and I noticed the first thing it said was, “I know that your husband has been cheating with my wife.”

‘So I clicked on it and I messaged him. At the time, me and [my husband] had shared a Facebook so he had blocked [the message sender}, but he had forgotten to delete the message.’ 

Family: In a follow-up clip, the TikTok user, who goes by QueenD101, revealed that she and her husband had been trying for a baby, and that she had suffered a miscarriage in 2019

Family: Anthony has children from another relationship, and QueenD101 said that she became a surrogate mother to them during the couple’s eight-year marriage 

QueenD101 said she unblocked Amy’s husband and messaged him, admitting she didn’t actually see the Facebook Live until he sent the video to her. Amy’s husband also sent her text messages between his wife and Anthony, which he secretly had sent to his phone. 

‘I actually don’t know how long the video was recorded and how long the husband had had it before I received it,’ she explained. ‘So I’m not 100 per cent sure on that.’

After Amy’s husband told her where the motel was, she and her aunt went to go confront him with the video, but he wasn’t there when she arrived. 

QueenD101 said when they were coming back to the motel, they saw her and kept going, but she caught a glimpse of Amy driving her car.  

When she called Anthony and demanded he come back, he came back and claimed he was staying at another hotel with a friend and Amy as just giving him a ride to his mother’s house. 

Anthony insisted his friend would confirm the story, and they drove to the other hotel, but that’s not what happened.    

‘He brings his friend out and his friend just looks like a deer caught in the headlights,’ she recalled. ‘He looks at [my husband] and goes, “I don’t want to be brought into y’all’s mess.”‘

QueenD101 said at that point she was still receiving Amy and Anthony’s text messages from Amy’s husband, and some of the things were really hurtful. 

In one, Anthony complained to Amy that his wife was taking too long to get ready, saying: ‘I wish she would hurry up and leave because I’m tired of looking at her.’

‘How do you say that about your wife that you were married to for eight years?’ she asked. How do you say that? It baffles me.’ 

QueenD101 said she started throwing Anthony’s stuff out of the car and telling him to get out while he tried to ‘explain.’   

‘He had a cup of whatever he was drinking and I took it and I threw it at him,’ she. recalled. ‘And I told him, “That’s it, we’re done, you’ve been lying to me from the start.”‘ 

Anthony then jumped into the car before she could drive away, begging her to stay and listen even though she had ‘concrete proof’ that he was unfaithful.   

‘It’s hard to control your emotions when you’re really really hurt like I was. I did some things I shouldn’t have done. I did put my hands on him,’ she admitted. ‘I regret that. I shouldn’t have done that, and no, he did not put his hands back on me.

Heartache: In a later video, QueenD101 explained that her husband begged her to take him back – despite still seeing his mistress 

‘But I was hurt and he wasn’t getting out of the car, I was trying to leave, I was trying to go, I was hysterical. It was a lot.’ 

Her aunt finally convinced Anthony that she was ‘too hysterical’ to keep fighting with him, and he got out of the car and let her go. 

QueenD101 said Anthony continued to message her, telling her he loves her and is sorry, all while still trying to defend himself.  

At the same time, Amy’s husband was following his wife when she was with Anthony and would message her every time he spotted them together.  

‘I feel bad for the husband, but I didn’t want to know what they were doing,’ she explained. ‘I didn’t want to know where they were at. I didn’t want to know anything about it. 

‘I was hurt. This was somebody I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with.’

QueenD101 said it all became too much for her and she stopped speaking to Amy’s husband. She also distanced herself from her own spouse, who was living with Amy but lying to her about it.  

She recalled how she and Anthony had been trying to have a baby for years before the cheating scandal. She got pregnant in 2019 after being told she would never be able to conceive, but she ended up losing the baby. 

She said her husband actually blamed his infidelity on her miscarrying their child. 

After QueenD101 and Anthony split, he continued his relationship with Amy and would bring her to family functions, including their child’s football game. However, Anthony still claimed he wanted to repair their marriage. 

Anthony and Amy eventually broke up, and the mistress  ‘got hateful’ and ‘started a lot of drama.’ Amy set up a fake Facebook account and posted a list of all the women Anthony was accused of having affairs with and tagged QueenD101.  

‘This list was long,’ she said. ‘He might as well have been sleeping with the whole county.’

QueenD101 and Anthony are in the process of getting divorced, which is complicated by the fact that she is not their children’s biological mother.  

‘They call me mama’ she said. ‘I still see them as much as I can. I communicate with them almost every day.’ 

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