Woman’s lip fillers go wrong and leave swollen mouth looking like ‘the Grinch’

A woman was brutally mocked online for looking like "the Grinch" after treating herself to cosmetic injections.

Briana Garabet, from Los Angeles in US, wanted to achieve fuller and plumper lips.

So she decided to pay to get a lip treatment over the Thanksgiving weekend.

But soon after she came out from the beauty parlour, she felt her lips swelling up on her way back home.

When she took off her face mask hoping to see the instant plumping effect, the 22-year-old was shocked.

She posted online and joked: "Am I mask-fishing?

"You guys, I just got lip filler and it's so f***ing swollen. Is this bad?"

Briana said the filler is mostly hyaluronic acid, adding that "it is actually very safe, also it is not as painful as it looks".

Some viewers worried if Briana had skin allergy or chemical reaction to the filler, but others said "it's fine".

"It's concentrated in the wrong spot so might migrate to weird places in a few months," one wrote.

A second shared: "My top lip was so small and blew up exactly like that for the first few days but it gets better I swear!"

Others couldn't help but made fun of her look, with one joking asked: "Did you ask for the bird look?"

Another said: "Giving Grinch for Christmas."

Thankfully, Briana returned to give her followers an update.

She said the swelling had gone down and her lips were looking much better.

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"A little swollen and bruised still though," she explained.

"This is actually after it was swollen, it's all healed now."

She also said it happened to her before, adding: "I talked to my doctor and he said it was fine. I am not having any allergic reaction, I guess I just get really swollen but I appreciate all your concerns. I'm fine."

Facial plastic surgeon Dr Prem Tripathi also responded to her video and answered: "Nuts! But totally normal."

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