Big Brother star Rebecca Jane admits mistake after sending topless pics for married Michael Owen to 'judge'

BIG Brother star Rebecca Jane has admitted she shouldn't have sent married Michael Owen topless pictures to "judge".

The Three Lions hero was accused last month of begging the reality star for X-rated pictures in hundreds of seedy texts.

Owen, 41, boasted that he viewed one explicit picture 65 times and asked Rebecca to send the topless snaps so he could "judge" them.

But Rebecca, who used to run a lovecheat agency, has now expressed her guilt over the exchange.

She told the Burnley Express: "When things became a little more serious, I backed out. I made a catalogue of errors in this whole situation.

"I sent photographs to a married man. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have kept communications platonic.

"I’ve heard a lot of people tell me over the past couple of weeks that ‘you were the single one, it wasn’t your responsibility’.

"I think in my subconscious I believed that too, at the time. Looking at it now, I had a moral duty to just be a decent person and not cross that line with someone who is married.

"But ultimately, I should have kept the communication between ourselves, because speaking to other people led to the story ending up on the front of a national newspaper."

Owen, who married childhood sweetheart Louise Bonsall in 2005, contacted Rebecca online before the conversation is said to have turned sexual.

The former Liverpool striker then asked for nude pictures, saying: “Leave nothing to the imagination”.

After she obliged, Owen asked if Rebecca’s breasts were “falsies” and later suggested they meet up at the races.

On one trip away from home he asked for more pictures, saying: “Come on then, fire them through. It’s a long boring trip to London so I need something to do… leave nothing to the imagination.

"And I’ll advise on the suitability of them for social media – hopefully none of them are suitable.”

After Rebecca sent more pictures, he replied: “Tremendous by the way.”

He continued: “Well you went straight in there with a pic of your t**s so there’s no point taking a back step now. Hmmm. Not bad. Great t***.

“How about send me about 20? That’d be good.”

Rebecca appeared on Big Brother in 2017 and is now a regular on ITV's This Morning.

The Sun Online has contacted Owen's people for comment.

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