England fans frustrated with UEFA portal over Euro 2020 final tickets

‘It’s such a rubbish experience, the website is a shambles’: England fans express their frustration after waiting HOURS on UEFA’s portal in last-minute rush for Euro 2020 final tickets… only for their hopes to be dashed

  • Supporters could apply for tickets for Sunday’s final between England and Italy
  • The website was apparently hit by serious issues and delays due to high demand
  • And fans took to social media to vent their annoyance with the portal’s failures 
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England fans have vented their frustration on social media with the UEFA ticketing portal as many tried to secure tickets for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

Italy will take on hosts England at Wembley on Sunday in the European Championship tournament showpiece, with supporters able to apply to see the final live.

But with a last-minute dash to secure tickets, the UEFA portal was hit by numerous delays, error messages and problems, annoying fans who waited hours only for their hopes to be dashed. 

England will take on Italy in the European Championship final at Wembley Stadium on Sunday

Roberto Mancini’s Azzurri side (above) will hope to upset the hosts and win the competition

But numerous fans took to social media to express frustration with the UEFA ticketing portal

With numerous supporters unable to attend due to social distancing rules and travel restrictions, extra tickets were made available for the final.

Those who initially received tickets in 2019 but saw them cancelled due to reduced stadium capacities, or those who registered as an England or Italy fan would have received an email from UEFA informing them if and when tickets were available. 

Fans were forced to wait for an indefinite amount of time at a loading screen before a countdown to buying the tickets as it effectively descended into an online free-for-all.

According to UEFA’s official website, tickets for the final were priced at the equivalent of around £80 for ‘Fans First’ tickets, £250 for Category Three, £500 for Category Two and £800 for Category One.

Fans criticised delays, error messages and other technical problems with the official website

However, prices on reselling sites are rising astronomically, with the highest price on eBay currently at £15,000 for a pair, despite attempts to clamp down on ticket touts.

But fans experienced heavy lag times and severe problems on the official site, and many took to social media to air their frustration.

One said: ‘uefa portal final tickets such a rubbish experience, I’m sure it’s worked for some but having been on in time to just get errors and problems with the website is a shambles…’

Another tweeted: ‘If I never see that UEFA ticket portal again it will be too soon,’ while a third added: ‘UEFA portal is an absolute joke,’ followed by an angry emoji.

One supporter called it an ‘absolute joke’ while another tweeted describing it as a ‘shambles’

Twitter user Daniel Lilley stated: ‘In there for half hour failing to get tickets in my basket, I have seen hell and its the uefa portal,’ and another continued: ‘Ok, I can confirm that the Uefa Portal is actually the worse (sic) thing in life.’

Chris Thorpe said: ‘The UEFA tickets portal…’ with a facepalm emoji and a GIF of slamming a computer on the ground.

A seventh posted a similar message: ‘The #UEFA ticket portal…….’ with a picture of a skeleton at a computer.

Another claimed he was in the UEFA portal for two hours, only for his shopping cart to appear completely empty. 

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