‘A host of disasters’ Martins Roberts shares secret Homes Under the Hammer rule

Martin Roberts from Homes Under the Hammer teases surprise

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Homes Under the Hammer presenter Martin Roberts has opened up about some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of the BBC show. The property expert spoke about some of the more “dicey” buildings he’s explored on the programme. Martin revealed he has a special “Hammer rule” that he sticks to whenever he’s searching a property for the first time.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Martin shared details of how he and the Homes Under the Hammer crew work behind the scenes.

Martin spoke about how he feels when venturing into the occasional badly constructed property.

He remarked: “Luckily I sort of know the business so I know what’s really dicey or what isn’t.

“I mean, I’ve fallen through a few floors in my time,” he confessed.

However, he revealed that usually construction issues are not the main problem with a lot of Homes Under the Hammer properties.

The presenter said: “It’s generally not the construction, it’s what’s been going on in them, especially if it’s animals.

“You know, if animals have been kept inside or whatever the smell is quite horrendous,” Martin insisted.

He revealed the Homes Under the Hammer team have a special rule they stick to when exploring properties.

Martin explained: “We do have a Hammer rule which is ‘Never open the fridge!’

“Because therein lies a whole host of nasal disasters, basically,” he added.

“You can imagine if a fridge has been abandoned and left… yeah, no just don’t go there!” Martin laughed.

The presenter made it clear he’s very “proud” of the success Homes Under the Hammer has had over the years.

“I’ve been doing it for coming up to 19 years now which is extraordinary!” Martin enthused.

Detailing what he loves about the show, he added: “I try to bring information, you know, a feeling that you could actually achieve this.

“You know, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, people love property. But, I think the show is also achievable.

“This isn’t Grand Designs, where you need millions of pounds and you do something wild and wacky.

“These are just normal houses, which people do up and they’re normal people.

“So, I think it’s very approachable, very relatable,” he said.

Martin insisted: “I’m very proud of it and proud to have been associated with it and have been a part of it for so long.

“It does seem to appeal to such a wide cross-section of people, from youngsters all the way across the spectrum to the older viewer,” he added.

Homes Under the Hammer airs Tuesdays at 11:15am on BBC One.

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