Below Deck’s Heather Chase told ‘throw yourself off the boat’ as guest snaps at crew

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Bravo’s Below Deck is well known for its ongoing drama, which usually begin as petty arguments and are then fuelled into a rage due to the endless supply of alcohol. While this is what fans tune in for every week, steward Fraser Olender shared why it was one of his worst moments this season.

This season Fraser made his debut on Below Deck as a steward onboard Captain Lee Rosbach’s boat.

After the release of the explosive season, Fraser opened up and explained why the event which took place in episode two was one of the worst moments this season.

It began when he revealed charter guests Michael Durham and Justin Richards began to spew anger after they spent the day drinking bourbon.

He confessed: “I hadn’t quite experienced anything like it,” then detailed how the events escalated.

After Michael went to sleep, Justin proceeded to have an argument with another guest, Terri Augustyn, who was also very drunk.

She labelled him a “j*****s because he insisted on having dinner on the swim platform.

“I’m going to f*****g kill him,” she added.

However, these weren’t the only threats being thrown that evening.

Justin launched his verbal attack on new chief stew Heather Chase.

After she tried to diffuse the situation, he told her: “I think it’s best you go f**k yourself and throw yourself off the boat.”

Fraser told Showbiz Cheat Sheet: “Durham’s group were “probably the worst guests we had in the way in which it got bad.”

He disclosed the fight between Justin and Toni continued to escalate as they both kept telling each other to “f***k off.”

During the episode, Fraser shared more of his opinion of the fight in the show’s confessional scene, where he stated:” They’re not really chic.”

He added: “They don’t belong on a yacht.”

Fraser continued: “They probably won this trip from some form of lottery or something, I don’t know.”

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As he recalled the night, Fraser mentioned things got so bad, Eddie Lucas was forced to intervene.

He explained the stewards all shared a collective concern about the possibility of the fight becoming physical and out of control.

However, Justin was having none of it, he retaliated and said: “Son of a b***h this is a whole circus and everyone can go f**K off as far as I’m f*****g concerned.”

Eddie was next to share his opinion in the confessional scene, where he was appalled by this behaviour from a guest and completely condemned it.

As the night went on Eddie continued to put himself between Justin and Terri, eventually she was left sobbing in a different room.

Whereas, Justin was still on a rampage and continued to speak to Heather in an aggressive manner as he tried to convince them to kick Terri off the yacht.

While drama will ensue on Below Deck it’s not hard to believe this was Fraser’s worst moment all season.

Fans will have to continue to tune in to see the aftermath of this fight as well as the return of the beloved Captain Lee.

Below Deck season nine continues every Monday on Bravo

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