Billy wins his beloved Honey back in EastEnders with love rival Finlay's help?

Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is hoping he will be able to reunite with Honey (Emma Barton) in EastEnders and honestly, so are we.

Honey ended her relationship with Jay (Jamie Borthwick) a few weeks ago.

She realised that in life, they both want really different things. Honey didn’t want to spend her evenings getting drunk in the club – but Jay didn’t want to spend his nights chilling on the sofa.

Now the relationship is over, Honey has already got back out there in the dating world – but will she go back to old love?

Coming up, Billy grows jealous as he observes Finlay (Ashley Byam) and Honey at the Minute Mart.

Meanwhile, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) realises Kim (Tameka Empson) is avoiding Honey and confronts her, insisting she pays the money owed from their bet.

Later on, Honey confesses to Kim that she actually lost the bet as she said no to a date with Finlay and when Billy finds out, he is very pleased.

As the week continues, Finlay realises that Billy likes Honey and wonders what he can to do help.

This seems positive, right?

Will Finlay help Billy and Honey reunite?

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