Corrie Stephen Reid fate ‘sealed’ as AI spots vital piece of evidence he missed

Coronation Street fans have been gripped for months, desperate to find out who Stephen Reid’s next victim will be on the cobbles.

Since he returned to the ITVsoap last year, the vile businessman (played by Todd Boyce) has taken the lives of three people in order to complete his sinister scheme.

In order to keep his plan under wraps, the Canadian killer has murdered Leo Thompkins and his father Teddy Thompkins as well as his former business client Rufus Donahue.

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Most recently, Stephen has attempted to kill his boss and Underworld manager Carla Connor as well as his fiancée Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox).

As the months have gone by, viewers have watched the businessman’s mask start to slip, with more and more characters growing suspicious of his true intentions with his wife-to-be.

Now, Daily Star has put one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI through its paces to see how the cobbles killer will meet his grisly end.

When asked how the swindler will get caught, the programme speculated four possible scenarios that will lead to his inevitable downfall.

It suggested the “most likely scenario” will be that the Canadian will be caught by the police who are currently investigating Leo’s death.

The AI system stated: " This is the most likely scenario, as the police are already investigating his involvement in the death of Leo.

"If they find enough evidence, they could arrest him and charge him with murder.”

It went on to suggest that the businessman would make a mistake and leave vital evidence behind for the police to find which could put him behind bars.

The program went on: " Stephen is caught by the police, he could be sentenced to prison for his crimes.

"This would be a fitting end for him, as he would be locked away for the rest of his life, effectively ending his time on the show."

Another possible scenario is that the Canadian will get caught by one of the residents on the street who may be looking for revenge.

The AI system pointed out: “Stephen has made a lot of enemies in Weatherfield, and it is possible that one of them will eventually figure out what he has done.

“Someone he knows could see him commit a crime or overhear him talking about it or he could be tricked into confessing by someone he trusts.”

It went on to suggest that he could meet the same fate as many of his victims if exposed by the wrong person.

Bard AI added: “If they do, they could expose him to the police or take matters into their own hands.

"The writers could decide to have him killed off and he could be killed in a dramatic showdown with the police or one of his victims' families."

A third suggestion the system suggested is that Stephen could evade capture and leave the country for good.

It went on: "Stephen is a very resourceful character, and he could potentially escape from the police and flee the country, staring a new life elsewhere.

"This would allow him to start a new life somewhere else, but he would always be looking over his shoulder, knowing that he could be brought to justice at any time."

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Finally, the program explained the “least likely scenario” would be for Stephen to hand himself into the police in an effort to plea for a reduced sentence.

It continued: “This is the least likely scenario, as Stephen is a very manipulative and self-serving character.

“However, it is possible that he could eventually reach a breaking point and confess to what he has done. He could have a change of heart and decide to come clean.”

It's fair to say viewers will be glued to their screens to see how the character will finally face justice.

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