Fire Country Sneak Peek: Who Swims to Bode's Rescue? — 2023 FIRST LOOK

It’s sink or… well, don’t sink, for Fire Country‘s Bode when CBS’ hit freshman drama resumes its season early next month. And TVLine’s 2023 First Look series continues with an exclusive sneak peek at one person’s daring rescue mission.

When last we tuned into Fire Country, a car crash had left one vehicle half-on/half-off the side of a bridge, teetering with the driver and passenger siblings inside. Fire captain Manny (played by Kevin Alejandro) had lobbied to get the female passenger out ASAP and then deal with the unconscious driver, but battalion chief Vince (Billy Burke) — his POV colored by the similarities to the crash that years ago killed his daughter Riley — overruled him, ordering everyone to instead try to first secure the vehicle.

Ultimately, with traffic impeding the arrival of further assistance, Manny’s approach was revisited and the passenger was extricated from the car — after which Bode (Max Thieriot) made the bold decision to clamber inside the vehicle and free/pull out the awakened driver. But just as he helped Bode pull the driver out, all Vince could do was watch as the car toppled off the bridge and into the river sorta-far below, with his son still inside.

In the exclusive clip above, see who swims to an unconscious, drowning Bode’s possible rescue, all as an internal investigation into the car crash/rescue (quickly!) gets underway….

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