‘Good Trouble’: Who Plays Callie's Ex-Boyfriend, Jamie?

Good Trouble’s Callie Adams Foster has been trying to figure out how to navigate life without her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Hunter. The newly minted lawyer recently started a new job and is moving on after heartbreak. Unfortunately, since her ex is also a lawyer, they often bump into each other. Who is the actor who plays Jamie on the Freeform television series? Here’s what Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows.

Callie and Jamie on ‘Good Trouble’

Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Jamie used to date, but things went downhill. One issue Callie had with Jamie was that she didn’t feel like their lifestyles matched. Jamie spent his time with upper-class colleagues and attended fancy events, and Callie felt she wouldn’t fit into his life if they got married. She was afraid she would lose her identity. She feared that if she married Jamie she would just stay home with their kids while he worked and made the money.

Another issue was that Callie felt she and Jamie’s values didn’t align. She wanted to do anything she could to help the less fortunate while Jamie felt it was best to leave their fate up to the systems that were already in place.

After Jamie and Callie broke up, Callie decided to start dating her housemate, Gael (Tommy Martinez). Unfortunately, Callie isn’t completely over Jamie. Her co-worker Tony thinks Callie is still in love with Jamie. The look on her face after he makes that statement suggests his assessment is correct.

Who plays Callie’s ex-boyfriend on ‘Good Trouble’?

The actor who plays Callie’s ex-boyfriend on Good Trouble is Beau Mirchoff. One of his early roles was in a 2003 episode of the television series Romeo! Mirchoff made his film debut in the 2006 movie Scary Movie 4. The following year, he appeared in the movie In the Land of Women. In 2007, Mirchoff played Ben Stillman on Heartland for six episodes until 2008. The following year, Mirchoff appeared in his second film, The Grudge.

Mirchoff joined the cast of Desperate Housewives in 2009. He played Danny Bolen for 18 episodes until 2010. Mirchoff has also appeared in Now Apocalypse, Awkward, and Aquarius.

Beau Mirchoff’s acting journey

Mirchoff tells Glamour his mother wanted to make sure he was exposed to different activities so he could find out what he was good at. He took a variety of classes, including dance, singing, acting, soccer, and lacrosse. Mirchoff says he enjoyed the acting classes, but he would become self-conscious. According to him, the older kids laughed at him when he made a mistake, so he decided to stop going to acting classes.

“I stopped that whole arts field until I was 13, when my sister was auditioning,” says Mirchoff. “She was a stand-in in a commercial once, and since that [was less intimidating] I started doing that. I then got her agent, and I’d travel every weekend to Vancouver for auditions while still in school. I did that for three years until I got my first job. It was a Hummer H2 commercial, which was a really big thing for my first job.”

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