Holby City fans say show is ‘turning into Love Island’ after foot fetish scene

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Fans of Holby City were worried that the show could be slowly morphing into Love Island after it aired some rather racy content on Wednesday night.

It came as Kylie admitted that she had started a subscription service for sending pictures of her feet for people with foot fetishes.

Louis approached her and immediately quipped: "Kinky!" as he spotted her scrolling through photos on her phone, half-hidden by the desk.

"If you have a foot fetish, it's probably best that the [CQC] inspectors don't find out," he warned.

But Kylie quickly insisted: "No! If you must know it's custom content of my feet. Subscription only."

Louis replied: "Are you serious? Why would you even do that?"

And things got awkward, as the CQC inspector could be seen lurking in the background as Kylie replied: "Well, people are paying to see my feet. You know, I can earn more in an hour than I can in half a day here!"

Which is when the straight-faced inspector broke in to say: "Wow!"

Fans on Twitter were left giggling over the scene, as one quickly posted: "Omg not Kylie selling feet pics! Jake from Love Island might start watching Holby for her!"

"Kylie's anxious word vomit!" another giggled, as a third added: "'OnlyFeet, Kylie?" in reference to the popular X-rated subscription service OnlyFans.

It comes at a time when Jake Cornish from Love Island was blasted for recording a moment of toe-sucking action between Toby and Kaz during a challenge.

Jake secretly got out his phone and began to film the intimate moment, and even went as far as to ask Toby what Kaz's feet tasted like.

Twitter users were quick to comment on the incident, with one writing: "If I was coupled up with a m*n who started filming strangers sucking toes and asking them how it tasted I would simply fly home."

Another social media user added: "Why was Jake filming the sucking of toes please? That’s a violation considering his foot fetish."

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