Kerry's big return addressed by Emmerdale star for tragic Amelia story

Following Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) punching Lloyd in the face and putting him in hospital in Emmerdale, everything has changed.

Lloyd was Amelia’s (Daisy Campbell) stalker and made his way to the village with the intention of spending more time with her after finding the teen’s social media account online.

The creepy man was warned by Dan multiple times, but Lloyd took pleasure in winding him up, resulting in Dan punching Lloyd, knocking his head on a rock as he fell to the ground.

As Lloyd was rushed to hospital, Dan was sent to a police station and questioned over the events. He was told that if Lloyd died, he would face a substantial amount of time behind bars, forcing him to play the waiting game as his enemy remained in a coma without showing any signs of getting better.

With Amelia and Dan desperate not to lose each other, they debate going on the run in upcoming episodes.

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It’s an incredibly risky decision to make which could result in Dan facing even more time in prison if the police catch up with the family.

If the beloved character does end up doing time, this will leave young Amelia on her own with baby Esther to bring up.

While Daisy Campbell believes that Amelia will receive support from the likes of Noah (Jack Downham) and Mandy (Lisa Riley), she hopes to see the return of Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) in this story, who was once in a relationship with Dan.

‘I think Amelia would love that’, she said.

‘They’ve been so close for years even though Dan and Kerry aren’t together any more and she didn’t really see much of her. It would be lovely to have Kerry back to support Amelia because she’s like a second mum and I think Amelia would feel a lot more comforted if she was there. That would be nice.’

‘Amelia does get ahead of herself, she tends to do that quite a lot’, Daisy said, reflecting on the possibility of Amelia and Dan running away.

‘When she gets an idea she sticks with it. But I do think in the back of her mind she is thinking is this going to work? She’s got to think about Esther, Noah, anyone she’s ever been friends with and around. I think she can, and I think it’s only because she’s a bit delusional. But in the back of her mind I think she knows it’s not going to work, possibly.’

Joining Daisy for the interview was Liam Fox, who confirmed that whatever the outcome of this storyline may be, it’ll change Dan as a person forever.

‘Whatever happens, he just can’t be the same again. Whether it’s a custodial sentence or not. This is where my research comes into it. I didn’t meet anybody in person but there was a guy on YouTube, I think he was from Derbyshire, he’d done a one punch thing and been out of prison for four or five years.

‘He was talking about it all these years later and he was still affected by what he’d done and the pain that he’d caused to the family that were involved. That was more of a drunken thing in a pub that had happened. I suppose if you’ve taken a life it’s always going to be there in the back of your mind.’

‘It doesn’t matter about what happens court-wise or anything in the future’, he added.

‘It’ll take a long time for Dan to get back to the person he was. Particularly the Dan we saw when he first came into the show, Mr Fun-Loving, Daft Dan. Something like this is going to make you look at life in a completely different way, and quite rightly so.

‘Hopefully that works for the audience as well, the fact that somebody as ordinary and everyman as Dan could get himself in this situation.’

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