Khloe Kardashian speaks out about the 'fake s***' in her life saying she's being 'terrorized'

KHLOE Kardashian has hit out at the "fake s*** that is being said about her personal life in a series of scathing tweets.

The 37-year-old shared a series of messages to her Twitter account on Saturday where she hit back at people distorting facts about her personal life. 

In one tweet, the reality star wrote: "HA! some of y'all really just make up anything and swear it's the truth as if you know what's going on.

"The truth is never good enough… or juicy enough. So you create a narrative that fits what you choose to believe."

The KUWTK star went on to claim that she was being "terrorized" by fake rumors and stories by those who don't know the facts.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, "It is so old at this point. It's always something about people creating fake s*** about me and actually terrorizing me about something THEY ARE CREATING. Without anyone knowing any facts. It's some weirdo s***.'

Khloe added: "It's pathetic but also infuriating all at the same time. People coming at me as if they know anything."

The TV star was inundated with messages of support from her followers, including one person who recommended she turn off her notifications.

"Such a smart move!!!! This is just so unhealthy at times," Khloe agreed.

She added: "It's outrageous how people feel they have the right to spread such trash and lies about other people. They do it so many people and it's terrible."

Another fan told the star: "When you play nice for too long, they start stepping all over you. A little cussing out ain’t never hurt nobody!"

Khloe suggested that she wouldn't be quite to nice when responding to judgemental comments in the future.

"Facts!!!! Because they give so many other people a different type of grace and understanding," she told the fan.

"I get critiqued and judged for any f******* thing. I guess I got to start snapping a little more," she added.

The reality star appeared to have calmed down a little towards the end of the evening, as she signed off with: "Good night!! I love you! (some of you) Sweet dreams and many blessings."

Khloe's comments come shortly after she was accused of "photoshopping her thighs and waist" in her latest social media post.

The mum-of-one flaunted her hourglass figure in a tight leather dress as she posed against a car.

Some fans took to Reddit to accuse the star of being "desperate" and editing her body in the photo.

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