Neighbours spoilers: Mark Brennan returns to Ramsay Street as tragedy rocks Erinsborough?

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Mark (played by Scott McGregor) was last seen on Neighbours over a year ago after he married the love of his life, Paige Smith (Olympia Valance). The eldest Brennan brother has been mentioned several times since his exit, most recently in light of the death of his mother, Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram). However, he could be coaxed back to the Channel 5 soap if his brother Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) calls on him to investigate the latest trouble Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) could stir up leading up to the birth of their child.

Several months ago, Nicolette agreed to be the surrogate for Aaron and his husband David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) as they had always wanted a child.

The pair were willing to have a woman in Canada carry their child but the troublemaker stated if they chose her instead, they would be able to keep a closer eye on the pregnancy.

David was more cautious than his husband to let Nicolette be the mother of their baby, given the less than impressive reputation she had built for herself.

However, they went ahead with impregnating the Ramsay Street local and in recent weeks, her bump has been blossoming.

Now in a relationship with Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), more questions are being asked about whether there are too many factors jeopardising the birth of their child.

For instance, if Nicolette and Chloe were to break up for some reason, the former could hit self-destruct and return to her old ways.

Causing more trouble than good, the expectant mother could kidnap the baby and runway from Erinsborough as she might think this is the only way she would win her girlfriend back.

Going into a blind panic about the whereabouts of their child, Aaron and David would make the call to Mark to visit Ramsay Street.

As a hot-shot detective, the eldest Brennan brother would want to do his best to help his sibling and bring his baby home.

With it being some time since Tyler Brennan (Travis Burns) was also last seen on the show, he could join his older brother to offer Aaron some support.

Wanting to find Nicolette and their baby sooner rather than later, the boys would have plenty of help to go out and search.

Even if they find the mother of their child, they could be too late to miss the birth of their daughter as the troublemaker delivers her alone.

Needing to get justice for his brother and the heartache he has gone through, Mark could stick around to make sure Nicolette is put behind bars for her crimes.

The whole Brennan bunch back together again

April Rose Pengilly

This would allow the Brennan family to spend more time together and hopefully see them build bridges after Fay’s death.

Mark and Tyler were left furious when Aaron and Chloe failed to inform them their mother was dying before it was too late.

The brothers – who live in Adelaide – finally understood why their siblings wanted to protect them but felt they could never forgive them for stealing their goodbye to the matriarch.

Will the Brennan clan be able to make peace as they unite in their fight to see Nicolette pay for her crimes?

Speaking exclusively with, the actress who plays Chloe, April, expressed her joy at the possibility of having Mark and Tyler back on Ramsay Street.

The soap star said when asked if she wanted them to return: “ I would absolutely love to have the other two Brennan boys return.

“I only worked with Travis [Tyler] for about a week, but my entire first year was mostly spent with Scott [Mark] and Matt [Aaron], who feel like my real-life brothers.

“It would be fantastic to have the whole Brennan bunch back together again,” she continued but will it be under tragic circumstances?

When Mark was written out of the weekday serial drama last year, executive producer Jason Herbison explained there would always be potential for a return.

The soap boss said: “Mark Brennan has been the anchor of so many pivotal stories on Neighbours over the years from Erinsborough’s super cop to serial heartbroken romantic.

“We’ve thrown the drama handbook at the character and Scott has risen to the occasion every time, testament to his exceptional talent and versatility.

“We wish him all the best and as continually demonstrated with our storytelling, the door is never closed on Ramsay Street.”

So will fans be seeing Mark sooner rather than later?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.

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