Peter Kay's 'incredible' kindness revealed as he takes terminally ill woman out to lunch as he plotted comeback shows

PETER Kay took a terminally ill woman out to lunch while he plotted his comeback shows, the woman's mother has revealed.

Laura Nuttall – who suffers from a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer – was contacted by the legendary comedian, who asked how he could help.

Now Peter has agreed to host two live Q&As in aid of Laura, who has glioblastoma multiforme.

Her mother Nicola and father Mark first met Peter while working at Granada television nearly 20 years ago.

But they've now revealed the Phoenix Nights star rang them out of the blue in January 2019 shortly after Laura was diagnosed.

Nicola told PA news agency: "He just called up out of the blue and said, 'How can I help?' So we've met him a few times, we've been out for lunch with him, but obviously Covid put paid to any fundraising that we can do.

"So now, the coast is clear and it's all happened in a bit of a flurry but it's phenomenal. We're so excited about it.

"And it's so wonderful he can do this for us, just incredible."

Peter will be performing the live Q&A’s at Manchester O2 Apollo on August 7.

Immunotherapy Treatment

Brave Laura Nuttall is hoping to raise £80,000 for treatment which is not available on the NHS.

Nicola said of her treatment: "Laura is having immunotherapy in Germany, a treatment that we can’t get in the UK. There is very, very little treatment available for glioblastoma.

“She’s also having a dendritic cell vaccination, which is where cells from the tumour that was removed from Laura are turned into a vaccine to educate the body as to what they need to be looking at, in a very basic sense, and each vaccine in that programme is £27,000.

“It’s five grand to transport the tissue and everything is just so expensive. And getting out to Germany is virtually impossible as well.

“So it will enable us to carry on going down this route and keeping Laura well, because she’s doing brilliantly at the moment, but also to raise awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity and do some fundraising for them as well at the same time.”

Comeback tour

In 2017, Peter announced he was returning to the stage with a huge tour of the UK the following year.

He was booked to perform more than 100 dates in his Have Gags, Will Travel tour.

But in December that year, Peter announced it would not be going ahead.

Despite taking a back seat from showbiz, he was still on TV in May 2018 when the final episode of his award-winning sitcom Car Share aired.

It had already been filmed when Peter quit all further work projects.

The funnyman has rarely been seen in public since.

Months later he fell victim to a cruel hoax on Twitter as trolls claimed he had died.

Last year he made a brief return to TV to present an updated version of (Is This The Way To) Amarillo from his back garden.

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