Reality stars are 'earning up to £7k per Instagram post' on controversial Dubai trips as they complain it's 'hard work'

DESPITE complaining about how hard it is to be an influencer, those in Dubai dodging UK lockdown are raking in the big bucks for every Instagram post.

Reality stars such as Chloe Ferry, Georgia Steel and Laura Anderson can make up to £7,000 just for one sponsored Instagram post.

Geordie Shore star Chloe, 25, makes about £6,508 every time she posts on Instagram, according to digital marketing agency Pilot Fish Media.

Her co-star Sophie Kasaei can make £4,395 per post, while and Love Island hottie Anton Danyluk gets £2,244 post.

Love Island's Laura Anderson who recently complained it's "really hard" to be an influencer banks an estimated £3,113 every time she puts up a sponsored post.

A series of high-profile influencers have faced backlash in recent weeks for travelling abroad during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic – and some seemingly flouting Tier 4 restrictions in order to do so.

Laura, 31, addressed the backlash aimed at influencers for escaping the UK for business trips in exotic luxury.

She said: "This whole thing about everyone hating influencers, I'm just like f**k, this is what I do for a job at the minute. I don't want to feel c**p. "

In a bid to change perceptions and show that it isn't just glamour and riches, Laura urged followers to look beyond the social media photographs.

She continued: "I'm thinking maybe, would it be a good idea to give more of an insight into the reality of being an influencer.

"I think a lot of young people might want to do it, but you realise it's not that great when you see the reality of it. I saw someone in my comments saying you're on holiday, but when you're working you're not on holiday. 

"On holiday doesn't mean just in the sun. I want people to understand then maybe they won't get as annoyed, it's not just right now, all the time."

After her rant it was revealed some of the stars' followers have claimed to have called the police on the apparent breaches – leaving the celebs scared to return home.

A source close to a Love Island star who is currently in Dubai said that there is a "groundswell of fear" that they may be forced to prove their luxurious break was "work related".

They added to the Mirror: "A number of people have claimed they’ve contacted the cops in messages to their account, which has spooked quite a lot of them.

"Some of their agents have been busily deleting them but it’s left everyone freaking out, even if they can argue they are there for work, or whatever work is for them."

It was recently revealed that the stars in Dubai had been bombarded with death threats on social media from cruel trolls.

Brits have been advised to avoid international travel unless necessary for months, but Tier 4 restrictions – which were introduced in December – outright banned people from leaving their local area without good reason.

However, some celebs have claimed that the have gone to Dubai for "work", although the government made it clear that everybody should work from home if they can.

Earlier this week, Love Island star Olivia Attwood lashed out at the influencers abroad, urging fans to hit them where it hurts and press unfollow as she claimed she was doing more work than them from rainy Manchester.

But Olivia, who has previously clashed with Laura, appeared to hit back at Laura's excuses in an indirect response on her own social media page.

She said: "Some things I've seen legit over the past 24 hours are people on their stories saying how hard it is.

"People are losing their family members daily, they can't pay rent and their businesses they've worked their f***ing b*****ks for are crumbling around them and you're on the beach telling us 'you don't know how hard it is'.

"I'm not saying I won't be going away, but I won't be telling you I'm going for work, I'll just be honest because this country sucks f***ing d**k  and I'm out."

Laura was previously branded "selfish and distasteful" as she said she longed to go to the gym while on her Dubai break.

Amber Gill was also forced to hit back at critics when she posted photos from the same sun-soaked city.

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury faced similar backlash shortly before Christmas, although they had jetted off before stricter restrictions were announced – as did Maura Higgins and Chris Taylor.

Gabby Allen insisted that she will be working from Dubai for the foreseeable after she travelled over.

Other reality stars have also been slammed, including The Only Way Is Essex's Chloe Lewis for showing off her lavish 30th birthday in the United Arab Emirates with no social distancing.

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry also sparked outrage when she posted about how happy she was on her holiday.

Meanwhile, Abbey Clancy was forced to delete her family photos from Christmas and New Year in Dubai with husband Peter Crouch and their children after being trolled.

In addition, Love Island's Zara Holland was arrested and fined in court after she and her coronavirus-positive boyfriend were caught as they tried to flee Barbados to escape quarantine rules.

And other stars have also taken aim at their fellow celebs for going abroad during a pandemic, including Amanda Holden, Christine McGuinness, and even X Factor twins Jedward.

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