So You Think You Can Dance: Viewers to boycott after ‘rough’ elimination – ‘I’m out!’

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The hit dance competition returned to Fox with another instalment of contestants competing to be named the winner of So You Think You Can Dance 2022. However, fans were left angered and threatened to quit watching after an elimination saw Jordan Betscher say goodbye to the show.

The latest episode of the competition saw a huge shake-up for the dancers, as their pairs were given brand new partners.

As a result, the dancers had to prove they could perform well with anyone, not just someone they had built a rapport with.

While the couples got to work with rehearsals, Jordan revealed she was sick which meant she was forced to take time off to recover at home.

Which left her partner, Beau Harmon to practise with Koine Iwasaki, who had already gained a place in the finals.

Once Jordan got the all-clear on her fears of COVID-19, she went to work and prepared for her Waltz.

Despite only having three hours of rehearsals the two smashed their performances as the audience roared with praise.

Jordan and Beau were able to display skill and emotion, which was a requirement from the judges, who wanted the contestants to push past their comfort zones.

Despite this, Jordan found herself in the bottom four alongside Thiago, Carter, and Alexis, and was eventually voted off the competition with Thiago.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their anger and disbelief at Jordan’s elimination as many were impressed by her performance considering she was sick.

An angered @Maloney_tiffany threatened: “They cut Jordan? I’m out.”

A frustrated @iamvalentin2k21 asked: “What the heeeeeck are the judges thinking???? Jordan KILLED it!!!! Smdh she deserves to stay.” (sic)

As @Walkergirl66 praised the couple: “Jordan and Beau’s dance was phenomenal.”

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Another fan @leahtvtalk added: “These eliminations have been rough! This week Jordan was eliminated after feeling sick and being worried that she wouldn’t get to perform.”

In disbelief, @tss6295 tweeted: “How are the two female dancers with the best technique in the bottom??? And Jordan for a second time??? Why is America not voting and just the audience???”

While many were surprised to see Jordan eliminated, many were unsurprised as she was also in the bottom two last week.

However, this season a new technique was used which meant they would receive fewer votes and a higher chance of being in the bottom two.

Throughout season 17, the dancers would have to connect with the audience to gain the votes needed to win the competition.

With many fans rooting for her from home, perhaps if voting was opened for viewers Jordan could have still been in the competition.

While the studio audience failed to connect with the dancer, she was advised to work on her appeal.

Fans will be in for another shocking episode next week, as the upcoming episode eight will see the competition drop six dancers for their 2022 winner.

So You Think You Can Dance is available on Fox in the US and Fox UK.

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