Spoilers: Stephen forces Gail and Audrey into a decision in Coronation Street

Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) son, Stephen (Todd Boyce), plays mediator in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as his mum and Gail (Helen Worth) continue to clash.

Audrey and Gail haven’t been getting on because Gail is aware her mum has been drinking far too much.

The situation escalated quite a considerable amount this week, as Audrey’s drinking led her to being knocked over by a motorbike.

Fortunately, Brian (Peter Gunn) and Elaine (Paula Wilcox) heard Audrey’s cries and immediately set about trying to find help.

Perfectly timed, Stephen then arrived in a taxi and managed to break the door down.

Stephen was furious to discover the Platt family hadn’t noticed Audrey was missing all night, and angrily ordered Gail to leave when she attempted to visit her mum in hospital.

Coming up, Stephen apologises to Gail over blaming her for Audrey’s accident and offers to broker peace between mother and daughter.

At Audrey’s bedside, with Gail in tow, Stephen firmly warns her that if they don’t patch things up, he’ll be on the first plane home.

Will Audrey thaw towards Gail? Or will things get even worse?

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