Teen Mom Amber Portwood calls trolls 'f***ing murderers' and demands they 'go to jail' for harassment in furious rant

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood lashed out attrolls, calling them 'f***ing murderers.'

In a furious rant, the mom-of-two demanded they 'go to jail' for harassment.

In a new video, Amber said: "You know what, nobody in the world is gonna sit here on Instagram live and tell you that you guys are f**king murderers.

“You guys are nasty murders and you should be in f**king jail for what you do every time that I have to see that somebody who has the same mental illness as me just killed [themselves]…get the f**k off my f**king live and happy mother f**king mental health day."

She went on: "You stupid f**king idiots, you sit there and you think you’re so f**king hard? you’re not hard."

“What is so f**king funny, you crackhead? What is so f**king funny seriously?

“I hope to God this is all over everywhere because I don’t give a s**t!

“How am I not making any sense? because you’re an idiot that’s why?”

Yesterday, Amber told fans her "huge pupils" are due to medications and dark lighting.

The mom of two defended herself in a new video after followers accused her of being on drugs.

During Amber's Instagram live video, she shared: "My pupils can be as big as they can be.

"I'm in a dark, f**king house, and I'm also on medications. Duh!"

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Some viewers commented her pupils were big after fans accused her of relapsing.

Previously, followers have accused her of being high in late-night videos, but she's denying that she's under the influence in this video.

Over the years the reality star has been arrested for drug possession.

Amber was sentenced to five years in prison for prescription drug possession and probation violation.

The Teen Mom OG star was released from jail early in 2013 for good behavior and according to the jail's spokesperson, she participated in a substance abuse program while in prison.

Amber recently revealed her daughter Leah, 12, has begun to ask questions about their traumatic past together, including the star's addiction and prison sentence.

The MTV star has struggled over the years with mental health which she attributed to her parenting and co-parenting issues.

She has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Amber recently began college at Purdue University and is studying to get her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Earlier this month, Amber revealed her estranged daughter, Leah, wouldn’t even respond to her heartfelt apology.

MTV fans have watched Amber's strained relationship with Leah over the years, and now the preteen has refusing to speak to her mom at all.

On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber made an apology for all of her mistakes in the past.

In an episode clip, Amber, who admitted she hadn’t seen her daughter in months, revealed Leah watched the video but didn't want to send a reply.

Amber narrated the clip: “After months of not talking, Gary and I have started communicating via text, but I still want to speak to Leah and Kristina.”

She then told a producer that she’s “doing pretty f**king good” with her schooling but not too well when it comes to her daughter with ex Gary Shirley.

Getting emotional, she admitted: “I don’t know what to do anymore, I’m still trying, but it’s very unwelcoming, is all I can say. 

“I sent a video apology, but I didn’t get a response. I got something from Gary that day saying that they watched it.”

With the apology, Amber hoped “they would see the raw emotion of a human being that is pouring their heart out.” 

She continued: “I just want my relationship with my daughter. She is losing time with her mom, and she’s not wanting time with her mom.”

Back over at her first baby daddy Gary’s house, he discussed the whole situation to his wife, Kristina, and shared that he let Amber know that Leah had watched her video but “didn’t want to respond.”

He said it seemed like for Leah there were just too many things for her mom to apologize for and it wasn’t easy for her to just forget it all.

Gary said, though, that for him, “it’s a start,” while Kristina added: “I’ve forgiven her for the things that she has said, and there just comes a time when we move forward.”

In a recent episode, Leah was seen watching the video and said to her dad that she wasn't ready to accept Amber's apology after the TV star slammed her stepmother Kristina.

While Gary and Kristina explained that Amber's mistakes shouldn't define their relationship, Leah insisted: "I can't love somebody who tries to hurt other people."

Back in August, Amber told The Sun that she has reconciled with Gary and Kristina after she accused them of not helping mend her relationship with Leah. 

She said: “Me, Gary, and Kristina, are doing amazing actually. We literally just went to a fair, all of us together, the whole family.

“We are in a much better spot than we were. We are doing good and we are in contact. I see my kids so obviously I have to see them.”

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