Teen Mom fans slam Briana DeJesus for getting four plastic surgeries as she admits she's terrified to be 'put under'

TEEN Mom 2 fans slammed Briana DeJesus for getting four plastic surgeries.

During the latest episode of the MTV show, Briana admitted she was terrified to be “put under.”

After nursing co-star Jade Cline back to health following her Brazilian butt lift, Briana decided she once again wanted to go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure.

Before Briana went into surgery, she admitted she was “nervous” for the procedure.

The mother of two said in a confessional: “I’ve been under the knife a few times already.

“I definitely didn’t think I would be getting four surgeries, but here I am."

Briana then told her friend Shae in the waiting room: “The recovery, I’ve never really experienced anything too crazy.

“I think that’s why I keep doing it.”

She continued in the confessional: “I don’t think nobody likes to get put under.

“It’s a very weird feeling. I don’t want to psych myself up because I definitely want to get this surgery done, but it’s very very scary walking up to the table and them talking to you.”

The MTV star admitted to thinking about her daughters before being put to sleep, sharing: “You’re laying down and everything I can think about is Nova and Stella Then all of a sudden that’s it. Lights out.”

Teen Mom 2 fans made it clear they didn’t sympathize with Briana’s fears, as they slammed the reality star for getting an unnecessary procedure.

One fan wrote: "PSA stop going to Dr Miami."

Another added: "I don’t know why Brianna keeps going to Dr. Miami."

While one person called out Briana for having "all these unnecessary surgeries," another added: "At this point I think Briana gets an adrenaline rush/high from these surgeries…because, why?"

An additional viewer added: "More plastic surgery its not necessary."

Alongside a gif of Mean Girls character Regina George saying "shut up," a following person commented: "Brianna be so scared about being put under and the recovery pain yet she does it anyway!"

The episode later documented Briana and Brittany’s recovery process, as the mother of two said: “I’m OK, just tired and sore.”

Brittany added: “We’re about to get a massage soon because I am so swollen that she said she has to massage me."

Briana's latest cosmetic surgery comes after she helped nurse Jade, 24, back to health from traumatic liposuction complications.

Briana previously spoke about her long-term plans to continue having plastic surgery as she confessed to feeling "insecure" about the way she looks.

"Even though Jade just had a horrible experience with plastic surgery, Brittany wants to get something done," she explained, referencing her older sister.

The reality star then told her sibling about her surgeon, Dr. Miami, sharing: "I just want to support you, and then he obviously wanted to see me because I'm his patient and he hasn't seen me since my last surgery.

"And I told him I felt like I had more skin than I needed. And he said the only way to fill that up is to go a bit bigger.”

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