The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik to host Jeopardy! after death of Alex Trebek

THE Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik is the newest recruit to become co-host of game show Jeopardy!.

It comes after former presenter Alex Trebek lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in November last year, aged 80.

Alex – who was best known for presenting the popular ABC series – held the role for 36 years.

On November 8 last year, the star passed away peacefully at home after battling with the disease since 2019.

Considering Alex fronted the programme from 1984, the next host has some big shoes to fill – and bosses are pondering over who should step in his place.

To ease the pressure they have decided that some of celebrity faces will co-host until they find the best fit, and The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik is their latest recruit.

She will be joining the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Katie Couric and Bill Whitaker for her new role.

It has also been revealed that there are other celebrities who will be taking part that are yet to be announced.

But Jeopardy! isn't the only thing keeping Mayim busy at the moment.

The first episode of her new role as protagonist in Call Me Kat premiered on January 3, and has already aired its second episode.

The show, which is based on popular sitcom Miranda, follows the story of a 39-year-old single woman who decides to open up a cat cafe to prove that she doesn't have to be in a relationship to be happy.

Interestingly, the comedy is written by Mayim's old The Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons.

She recently revealed that she was "totally shocked" that he wanted to work with her again after their 12-year stint on the CBS show. 

When the Sheldon Cooper actor started talking to her about his new show, she just thought that he was trying to make conversation and didn't realise he was asking her to be a part of it.

Earlier this month she told Us Weekly's Watch With Us podcast: "When Jim brought it to me, I thought he was just asking my opinion because we were friends and we have a lot of similar tastes.

"I was like, 'That sounds great. I totally think that's a great idea!' He was like, 'No, Mayim. I'm telling you about this because I want you to play her.'

"I was totally shocked that Jim Parsons wanted to still work with me. I think I'm very annoying, but he apparently thinks I'm not as annoying as I think I am, because he wanted to work with me!"

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