The Chase fans fume over player’s unusual move in final

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Contestants Sara, Jordan, Nick and Lynne were welcomed onto the latest episode of The Chase by host Bradley Walsh. They were all hoping to win a chase prize but they had to outrun Darragh ‘The Menace’ Ennis if they were to walk away with the money. Just two players made it through to the final, but viewers were left raging over one player’s odd move.

Lynne raised £5,000 in her cash builder round and added that money to the prize fund after beating Darragh in her second round.

Jordan and Nick were not so lucky and they were sent packing by the Chaser after being caught.

The pressure was on for Sara who wanted to help Lynne out in the final.

Sara raised an impressive £6,000 in her opening round and was thrilled when she was able to join Lynne for the all-important last round.

The women answered 13 questions correctly between them during the last round and hoped it was enough to beat Darragh.

However, viewers were left confused as to why Lynne had her hands behind her back during the round instead of poised over the buzzer.

“Keep your hand on the buzzer Lynn! #Thechase,” Wildey fumed on Twitter.

@Toneleast added: “Lynne doesn’t give a f**k. She’s got her arm behind her f****g back and takes an hour to move it and press the button!

“This game show makes me irrationally angry! #TheChase.”

Jim Gamble penned: “Perhaps Lynne would have done better if she had her hands somewhere near the button instead of behind her back #thechase.”

Samantha shared: “Why is Lynne keeping her hands behind her back instead of by the buzzer? It’s really slowing her down. #TheChase.”

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Fiona raged: “Why did she keep her hands behind her back in that round? #TheChase.”

User Pink Giraffe added: “Why don’t they put their hand next to the buzzer to save time? #TheChase.”

After their round, Darragh told the players: “It really was a game of two halves.

“You were on course for 20 and doing so well – I was quite worried.

“Then the wheels came right off in the second minute.”

Despite their best efforts, Darragh managed to beat the pair which meant they had to go home empty-handed.

Following Lynne and Sara’s loss, the Chasers said: “It is a lot harder than it looks at home, I am the only person who has been on both sides and it is very nerve wracking.”

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV and ITVX.

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