'The Chi' Season 4: Here's the Teaser Trailer for the Upcoming Season

The Chi is finally returning to Showtime. Created by Lena Waithe, the TV show follows a group of Chicagoans who, despite their different backgrounds and personalities, become bonded through their experiences in the city. It aired its third season in the summer of 2020 with a story full of drama, suspense, and surprise twists. Season 4 will seemingly bring more of the same, based on a newly-released teaser trailer.

Where ‘The Chi’ left off

The season 3 finale of The Chi opened with Ronnie’s funeral, where Reverend Jackson eulogized his memory as a military veteran and beloved family member.

In a moving scene, Keisha approached his casket and thanked him for saving her from Omari. It was also during the ceremony that she revealed her pregnancy to Emmett. She wasn’t sure what to do about it at the time, but she ultimately decided to keep the baby after talking to Tiffany.

Speaking of her, Tiffany and Emmett finally got married. After the wedding, the two went off on their honeymoon while other characters partied away, including Maisha and Poppa, who gifted each other necklaces of their respective initials.

At the same time, things were going well for Jake, too. Trig and Imani were able to secure custody of him after Douda skipped out on a court hearing, but that turned out to be intentional. Douda explained he gave up his rights in exchange for Trig’s help with his street business. “Why own one brother when you can own two,” he says in a conversation.

The teaser trailer for ‘The Chi’ Season 4 offers a look at what happens next

A teaser trailer for the fourth season teases that certain characters will experience different highs and lows throughout the season. It doesn’t get into details, but the episodes will touch on big topics such as police brutality and racial and social justice movements.

“This season is really all about love,” Waithe said in a video shared on the show’s Twitter page. But “it’s also about protests and it’s about finding your voice and knowing how to use it.”

The anticipation for the next season seemed to increase after viewers saw the clip. “Season 4 of the chi is going to be phenomenal 🤟🏽🤟🏽,” one person said in a comment on YouTube while another fan wrote, “Hurry, Hurry; Love me some ‘The Chi’💕💕💕💕💕💕”

The Chi is still filming season 4 as of writing, with plans to release the first episode on Sunday, May 23. “We hope that you guys will show up and show out as you always do. … Mark your calendars now and get your popcorn ready. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride,” Waithe added.

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