'The Young and the Restless': Adam and Chelsea Have No Chemistry, According to Some Fans

First airing in 1973, The Young and the Restless has been running for over 12,000 episodes. The show started with the rivalry between two families and has experienced a number of changes. There have been various characters introduced, and some fan favorites include Elena. 

While fans cannot get enough of Elena, they have had plenty of Chelsea and Adam’s relationship. Specifically, many do not think they should be romantically involved. Viewers feel that Adam would be better off with Sharon instead. 

Adam and Chelsea have a complicated relationship

When it comes to the soap opera The Young and the Restless, the romantic subplots are filled with twists and turns. One prevalent relationship is between Adam and Chelsea. Chelsea started as a con artist but evolved into a more caring person. 

She and Adam began a romantic relationship in 2012, and the plot line between the couple has been anything but smooth. They tie the knot within the same year but get a divorce sometime later. However, they do not remain separated for long and remarry the following year.  

Two of them have a son together, and the couple divorces again after Chelsea sees a video of Adam confessing that he ran over Delia. Later, Adam goes missing and is presumed dead. He returns under the disguise of someone else, but he and Chelsea rekindle their romance later on. 

One of the recent developments in the series is Chelsea suffers from a stroke and gets rushed to the hospital for surgery. She is partially paralyzed and unable to speak. The couple will have to adapt while she recovers. 

Fans do not like Adam and Chelsea together

Fans will always have their favorite and least favorite couples. In The Young and the Restless, many viewers have expressed their displeasure with Adam and Chelsea’s romance. The show’s official Twitter account posted a tweet celebrating their relationship, and fans shared their opinions. 

“One of the most forced pairings I’ve ever seen. Look there was a time this pairing worked but once you had Adam declare his love for Sharon and then pushing these two back together due a medical condition you messed things up badly!” one user replied. 

One of the reasons why people think the characters are wrong for each other is that Chelsea seems to be going back to her con artist ways. Since they are not a fan of her spying on Billy, some viewers want Adam and Sharon to get back together. 

Before dating Chelsea, Adam was married to Sharon. He has been visiting her for therapy sessions due to past trauma. Since they are spending more time with each other, fans are hoping Adam leaves Chelsea for Sharon. 

Viewers sense no chemistry between the couple

One of the biggest complaints among fans is that Adam and Chelsea have no chemistry. To some, the pairing does not work well together. As a result, they are tired of the on and off relationship between the two characters. 

“You need to stop this nonsense. Why you continue w/ pairings that don’t work blows my mind. Adam has soo much chemistry with Sharon. Let’s explore that relationship for awhile. I’ve seen all I need of Adam/Chelsea,” a Twitter user commented. 

There appears to be not a lot of connection between the characters. The plotline of Adam having Chelsea kidnapped has not swayed the viewer’s minds. Fans will have to wait and see if the couple breaks up for good. 

There are viewers who have expressed their support for the pairing. On the Twitter thread, a few users believe the romance will prevail. Some fans have stated that Adam and Chelsea belong together. 

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