This Morning's Holly Willoughby promises to dance in just her knickers when lockdown ends – and Vanessa will join in too

THIS Morning's Holly Willoughby said she is going to celebrate the end of lockdown by dancing in her pants.

The 39-year-old star was inspired by a caller called Nancy who rented a village hall and grooved to Motown with 12 pals.

Holly raved: "I want to do that. Can I just make a call-out to all my girlfriends please.

"When we come out of this we are renting a village hall and dancing in our pants to Motown – that is happening. Vanessa you can come too."

Phillip Schofield pointed out: "I don't know that they dance in their pants. I think she said they dance their pants off.

Holly told the 58-year-old star: "I don't care – I'm dancing in my pants."

Vanessa Feltz, who was also on the line from home during the phone-in, chipped in: "I don't care if I have to wear a thong to do it."

Grabbing her chest, she added: "Or even a tassle on each one of those. I will shake one one way and one the other way.

"What you're saying is so true – it's the companionship, it the laughs. It's completely brilliant. May the lord bless us all."

Nancy phoned the show during an item "I booked the village hall, told 12 of my friends, put Motown on and we boogied our pants off."

She explained that the group had been doing it twice a week for three years until the coronavirus struck.

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