Who is Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie Smith?

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has been a regular on our screens for well over two decades, bringing us a number of interviews with famous faces as well as an insight into her own life.

The host of ITV daytime show Lorraine has one child with her husband of 29 years, cameraman Steve Smith.

Who is Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie Smith?

Lorraine has spoken many times on a number of her show's about how strong her bond is with her only daughter, 26-year-old Rosie Smith.

The television presenter spoke of her heartache that Rosie, who spends much of her time in Singapore, came back to the UK last year only for the pair to remain separated due to coronavirus restrictions.

Kelly revealed how the pair communicated through lockdown via video calls, but conceded: "There’s nothing like being able to give your child a cuddle.

"Every mother will know what I’m saying – there’s just nothing like the smell of your child’s hair. Rosie always smells so good."

Eventually, the pair properly reunited before the turn of the year, where Lorraine told MailOnline: "I’m trying not to be too teary, because I don’t want to embarrass her, but being able to hold her after all that time was just fantastic."

The pair even shared the screen together in 2018, when Rosie came on her mum's show as part of a fashion segment.

The mother-daughter duo both donned blue suits to showcase how you can style the same outfit in two different ways.

Lorraine said of her close bond with Rosie in an interview with Weekend Magazine: "We talk about everything under the sun. I'm her mum, though, I'd never say I was her best friend because she's got her friends already.

"I'd love to think she tells me everything but she doesn't."


Who is Rosie Smith's boyfriend?

Though details surrounding Rosie's relationship status are kept low-profile, her career has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

After graduating with a 2:1 in Journalism, Rosie steered clear from any kind of broadcast or editorial work and instead opted for communications.

Rosie has worked full-time in Singapore for the past four years after securing a role as a marketing and community manager at company Accela.

She also boasts nearly 10,000 followers on her own Instagram page which is littered with stunning pictures from her travels abroad, including destinations such as Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and China.

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