Lil Huddy’s "America’s Sweetheart" Is About Charli D’Amelio, & He Admits It – EXCLUSIVE

When it comes to TikTok drama, nothing was more symbolic of the app’s spectacles than Lil Huddy and Charli D’Amelio’s relationship. The pair dated from December 2019 to April 2020 and were on and off for several months after their official split. Their months-long breakup broke fans’ hearts as well as their own, and now, Huddy is channeling that heartbreak into his music. Chase Hudson, aka Lil Huddy, admits "America’s Sweetheart" is inspired by Charli D’Amelio.

Speaking to Elite Daily, Huddy says that the pandemic, combined with his highly-publicized breakup with D’Amelio, made for one of the most painful years of his life. "America’s Sweetheart" tells the story of the tumultuous year.

"It was written about a time that me and Charli had gone through during the beginning of when we’d first gotten out of our relationship," he says. "Back when quarantine first started, I was going through a really tough time. I wasn’t able to see anybody, go outside, go to a f*cking grocery store. I felt so alone during that time, and that was when me and her were going through our rough sh*t."

But music has always been there for Huddy, and he’s happy to share snippets of his personal life with the world authentically. "I thought I experienced so much heavy emotion I’d never got the chance to write about or put my feelings down on paper, so when I got the chance to do that, it was a release for me," he explains.

Huddy says he loves slipping easter eggs into his music for fans, and he delivered the biggest surprise of all by casting his ex in the official video for "America’s Sweetheart." Fans may have been confused to see D’Amelio star in the video after all the couple went through, but the singer explains why it made perfect sense to include her. He also revealed where they stand now.

"[The past] is something we’ve gotten out of and have grown from," Huddy says. "We were hanging out. We were at a dinner, and I wanted to show her the song I had just written… my team and everyone was approaching me about it. They were like, ‘We really want to cast Charlie for the music video. We think it makes so much sense.’"

Huddy agreed, and while it may have been an uncomfortable idea, he came around to it. "I had to realize that," he says. "This makes so much sense, why wouldn’t we have her in the video? The vision I already had for the music video made so much sense for having her in it, and I love the way it worked out."

Huddy’s new song comes on the heels of his previously-released singles "21st Century Vampire" and "The Eulogy of You and Me." The punchy pop-punk-fueled singles aren’t the only reason fans have been chattering about Huddy. He was recruited for Machine Gun Kelly’s musical film Downfalls High in September and was just nominated for the Best Social Star award at the 2021 iHeart Radio Music Awards.

After a whirlwind year of major successes, Huddy has a very different perspective on life than he did at the start of the pandemic. But he realizes that sometimes, to move forward, you have to accept the past. "[‘America’s Sweetheart’] was something that helped me take the stress away of that emotion I went through so long ago," Huddy says. "Even though I’ve gone through and overcome it, I still see it as one of the hardest times that I’ve been through."

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