Who owns Cannon Hall Farm and where is it?

This Week on the Farm returns with hosts Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson as they give viewers an insight into farming over the autumn season. Cannon Hall Farm has been the base for all three seasons of the Channel 5 series and has become well known by fans of the show. It is a real farm away from the glitz and glamour of the cameras and is located in one of the greatest farming regions in Britain.

Who owns Cannon Ball Farm?

Cannon Ball Farm is owned by 76-year-old Roger Nicholson, whose history on the farm stems all the way back to when he was only aged 16.

As a youngster, he always knew he wanted to be in farming, curating a passion for the great outdoors and caring for farm life.

It was due to the council at the time wanting to build a new housing estate on the land where the Nicholson’s lived which led the family to Cannon Ball Farm.

Roger’s father, Charlie, took his loved ones to live on the land which was 126 acres in size and the patriarch of the clan claimed it was their destiny to own such an establishment.

At an auction, Charlie had bought the land for £7,100, using all of his life savings to secure the farm as their own.

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When Roger was 16-years-old, Charlie passed away and he took on the responsibility of the day to day running of the farm.

Just two years later, the youngster had formed Cannon Hall Farm into a business but the future wasn’t completely plain sailing.

By the 1980s, the owner of the farm was struggling to retrieve the success the business once had and he was in debt with the bank.

However, he came up with a new idea to generate revenue which was to turn the establishment into a tourist attraction of sorts.

Although the idea was tough to get off the ground, Roger made it happen and his determination has led to Cannon Hall Farm being the base for This Week on the Farm and its predecessor, Springtime on the Farm.

It is likely the farm will be handed down to the next generation of Nicholson’s when Roger is ready to retire.

This doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon as the eager farmer and businessman is still working in the barns most days.

The farm has also won awards, with the Nicholson family take the gong for the Best Large Visitor Attraction in the White Rose Awards.

Where is Cannon Hall Farm?

Cannon Hall Farm is located in the South Yorkshire village of Cawthorne, which lies in the civil parish in the Borough of Barnsley.

The village used to be well known for its iron and coal mining industry but has become more established for featuring on the Channel 5 series.

It also sits in the foothills of the Pennines, allowing for picturesque scenery and majestic views of the Yorkshire countryside.

According to the 2011 census, the village has a population of over 1,151 residents, which might have increased in recent years.

There are several ways in which members of the public can gain access to Cannon Hall Farm and this is by car or bus.

Those driving must follow signs to Manchester A628 before following the brown signs to Cannon Hall Farm once they have seen the first one.

Car parking is available for visitors, with members of the public having to pay £3 for use of their space all day and they can gain £1 by purchasing food over the price of £5 at one of the site’s restaurants.

For those wanting to use the bus, service 92 from Barnsley runs to the Cawthorne village daily.

This Week on the Farm continues Wednesdays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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