‘Why is she on TV?’ Jeremy Vine viewers slam show over Beverley Turner appearance

Beverley Turner and Owen Jones clash over covid vaccine

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Twitter users have reacted with fury to Beverly Turner’s comments on the vaccine mandate as she debated with Owen Jones on whether the Covid jab should be mandatory or not. The debate came after Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced last week that all NHS staff should be fully vaccinated in order to keep their jobs. The broadcaster faced criticism earlier in the pandemic after admitting she supported Britons opting not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Speaking on Jeremy Vine on Five show, Owen Jones said: “Not just there is a consensus that the overwhelming majority of scientists and doctors agree that COVID-19 is a deadly virus and that the vaccines have a huge impact in reducing that impact. 

“Let me finish, for those who say that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

“And therefore, you don’t need to take precautions to protect yourself from getting HIV. 

“Would you say that the consequences of them saying that is people will not take those precautions and they will die.”

He continued: “And how is it any different from what you do, which is to sow doubt in the efficacy of the vaccine and make it look like you are more at risk from the vaccine, than you are from COVID-19, that people as a consequence, don’t take the vaccine.”

Ms Turner said in response: “If there was a vaccine for HIV within 12 months of HIV being invented, and the Government said and you lot everybody said, ‘you’ve all got to take it, whether you’re gay, whether you’re having unprotected sex, you’ve all got to take it’.

“’We’ve all got to take it. You can’t leave your house unless you take it’. 

“It’s mandatory.”

However, social media users have reacted negatively to Beverley Turner’s comments.

One Twitter user, Director of Marketing, Sophie Smith said: “Why is she given airtime?

“What are her qualifications on this subject?”

Another user, Steven Wilson commented: “She literally said ‘HIV was invented’.”

Why are you giving this woman a platform?

Another user Viola Appleton said: “I understand why people would be cautious.

But the likes of Beverly don’t help.

Rather than actually look at why the vaccine was developed so quickly, she spouts that it’s rushed and causes more anxiety.

We need actual medical professionals answering questions about the vax on TV.
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