Beachgoers horrified after clusters of beheaded seal pups found on sand as authorities probe deaths

BEACHGOERS have been left horrified after a group of beheaded seal pups were discovered on the Welsh coast.

Seven dead pups were found on the beach in Harlech, Gwynedd, North Wales as authorities launched an investigation.

But marine experts confirmed another three young animals were found dead just days later.

Matt Westfield, of Marine Environmental Monitoring (MEM), said the cluster was "outside the normal."

He said: “We’re getting increasing reports of bull seals killing pups by biting off their heads.

“We don’t know why they are doing this. Is it territorial? We just don’t know.

“Neither can we be certain that pup decapitations is part of a trend.

“This year there have been far more people holidaying on the west Welsh coast and they are more likely to report dead pups on beaches than people who live there all year and are used to seeing seal carcasses.”

Matt said dogs will often cause mums to leave their young – as well as holidaymakers wanting selfies with cute, fluffy pups.

He said MEM are working with seal rescue groups and organisations such as Natural Resources Wales and British Divers Marine Life Rescue to find out what caused this.

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