Brutal boss's ‘hurt feelings’ report mocks ‘snowflake’ & gay staff

A SICK boss has been slammed after he posted a mock ‘hurt feelings’ report ridiculing “snowflake” and gay employees for complaining at work.  

An image of the picture was posted on Reddit, sparking a furious response from users saying that the individual should be named and shamed for the blatant form of discrimination.

The original mock report was shared by an employee who found it hung up in the break room.

Including the date and “time of hurtfulness,” the boss posed whether “feelings were hurtful” and “required a tissue.”

The individual then went a step further – listing several reasons why an employee might be “hurt.”

The vile list included references to being “a pussy”, “a woman with hormones”, “a little bitch” and for being homosexual.

It rounded off with a so-called company statement taking aim at “little sissy” employees.

“We, as a company, take feelings very seriously,” it read.

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“If you don’t have a mommy that can give you a hug and make it all better, please let your supervisor know and we can provide you with a surrogate."

“If you need them, diapers, midol and a ‘blankey’ can also be supplied.”

Reddit users were rightfully quick to slam the boss for his “shocking” abuse.  

“This is sexist and homophobic to an extreme,” one user wrote.

While a second added: “This is discriminatory to so many people, that cannot be legal. That poster alone created a hostile work environment.”

A third put: “Definitely verging onto discrimination against people with legally protected characteristics with some of the reasons listed on there.”

Other Redditors also used the post to justify their anti-work stance, suggesting that workers should call out toxic environments more often.

“Please submit this to your labor board. It's discriminatory, and provides a hostile work environment,” one wrote.

While another questioned legal action writing: “Take a pic for documentation to a lawyer. This is a hostile work environment.”

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