‘Decolonize your bookshelf’: Leaked documents show defense contractor Raytheon uses critical race theory

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Raytheon calls on its white workers to reject racial “equality” in favor of “equity,” and “participate in reparations,” internal documents from the defense contractor show.

Workers at the nation’s second largest defense company are also encouraged to “decolonize your bookshelf,” “join a local ‘white space,’” and “defund the police,” as part of the company’s critical race theory program, according to documents shared on Twitter Tuesday by Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo.

The Massachusetts company’s “Stronger Together” program was introduced last summer in an effort to get its 180,000 employees to “help drive near- and long-term societal change,” Raytheon Technologies Chief Diversity Officer Marie Sylla-Dixon wrote in February.

The program is based around the framework of “intersectionality,” a theory that ranks discrimination and privilege around people’s social and racial identities.

The documents, which Rufo said he obtained through a corporate whistle blower, ask white, straight, Christian, able-bodied, English-speaking employees to deconstruct their identities, “identify [their] privilege,” and “step aside” in favor of other identity groups.

A chart entitled “What Not to Say to Your Black Colleagues Right Now,” instructs white Raytheon workers to never tell colleagues they “pray things change soon” or hope that social tensions “calm down,” because their discomfort with any racially charged situations cannot match that of a non-white person, the leaked literature claimed.

The company maintained that black employees were “exhausted, mentally drained, frustrated, stressed, barely sleeping, scared and overwhelmed,” it was revealed.

Raytheon has separate employee resource groups for black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and LGBTQ groups in its quest to “advance an inclusive culture,” by highlighting the worker’s differences, Ruso wrote in the City Journal.

A recommended course called “21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge,” asks employees to learn about the “weaponization of whiteness,” and quantify the “racial composition” of their friend groups, according to the report.

Raytheon did not immediately return a request for comment from The Post.

Earlier this month, the largest teachers union in the country passed a resolution to include critical race theory in schools nationwide.

CRT proponents argue the theory helps people understand racism and inequality, and will help lead to a more “equitable” future.

Critics claim it promotes division, not unity, and unnecessarily brings race, religion, sexuality and politics into the classroom and workplace.

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