Futuristic 3D fashion show by Mayam Digital Studio at IDFW featuring Ksenia Bezuglova’s avatar

International Digital Fashion Week premiered two virtual fashion shows by MAYAM digital studio.

We are the People is not just a fashion show, but a celebration of high-tech and art created by a group of designers who are passionate about the big idea of expanding human horizons and opportunities. Ksenia Bezuglova’s avatar became the muse and main protagonist of the show. Being a stunning model in a wheelchair, social activist, winner of the title Miss World among girls in wheelchairs, Ksenia is an ambassador of new era superpowers. Which can be soon available to all the people.

Watch the video:

The second digital catwalk is, literally, an anti-fashion show. This fashion movie created for the Ecoolska brand, speaks about fashion. But being a complete product of 3D reality, not a single meter of fabric was cut and not a single stitch was made when producing the film. That is what 3D fashion technologies came for in our life. To reduce overproduction and bring eco statements to the virtual runway.

All the videos are also available on the FNL Network.

Mayam’s digital models are already famous for making a career, which even a real girl would dream of. One of the virtual beauties has opened Monte Carlo Digital Forum. Others do succeed as fashion influencers. Which only proves that the future is today. And it looks pretty 3D.