Girl, 9, collapses after being forced to eat ‘red pill’ by evil stranger while building snowman in front garden

A GIRL fainted after being forced to eat a "red tablet" as an evil stranger threatened to harm her mum, according to reports.

Nine-year-old Melina, of Aschersleben, Germany, said the suspect approached her from behind as she was building a snowman in her front garden on Monday afternoon.

Cops said the stranger had forced Melina to eat the pill by threatening her mum if she refused.

The nine-year-old pretended to chew the tablet, which looked like a sugary sweet, but immediately fell ill, according to reports.

"I went to the bush, spat it out. Then I got a little dizzy," she told RTL.

Melina collapsed in the hallway as she entered her parents house.

Her mum Anja found the girl lying next to a pool of vomit, according to local media reports.

Melina was very pale and her mum couldn't pick her up so a doctor was called and the nine-year-old was rushed to hospital.

Melina started to feel better during the journey but tests were carried out at the hospital to try and identify what the substance was.

Relieved mum Anja is thankful that Melina spat out the tablet as she feared for her daughter's life.

"She took this tablet because she was afraid for me," Anja said.

Forensic experts are working at the scene to try and identify the suspect.

Cops are working with the nine-year-old to try and create an image of the suspect which will be shared with residents in the town.

A police spokesperson said: "The fainting could be a symptom of poisoning. The results of the investigations are still pending. The traces secured at the crime scene are currently being evaluated."

Cops are investigating suspicions of coercion and serious bodily harm.

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