Grandfather has to have BOTH legs amputated after pet dog bit him

Grandfather has to have BOTH legs amputated after pet dog bit him and he developed sepsis – weeks after same animal killed his brother-in-law

  • Mark Day, 62, was bitten by the same dog who killed Barry Harris, 48
  • Mr Day bitten on day of brother-in-law’s funeral and got sepsis too
  • Had to have legs and some fingers amputated and has spoken of devastation
  • Was discharged from hospital after 82 days and Ted, the Akita was put down 

A granddad whose brother-in-law was attacked and killed by a dog has had both legs amputated after the same animal bit his legs.

Mark Day developed sepsis after the Japanese Akita called Ted bit him on the day of his brother-in-law’s funeral.

His brother-in-law Barry Harris, 46, died from a cardiac arrest after Ted – described as a giant teddy bear when he was bought for £1,500 – bit him on the arm. The bite became badly infected, causing his heart to fail three days later.

Following Mr Harris’ death in July,  Pauline and Mark Day, sister and brother-in-law to Mr Harris, took in the dog and cared for it.

Then, Mr Day, 62, was bitten by the dog too.

Pauline and Mark Day have spoken of their devastation after Mr Day has had both legs amputated from being bitten by Ted the Akita, after brother-in-law Barry Harris was killed by the same dog 

Mr Day, 62, from Colchester, spent 82 days in hospital being treated for his injuries

Ted the Akita has had to be put down after biting Mr Day and killing his brother-in-law Mr Harris 

The bite caused sepsis and he has had both legs and the fingers on his left hand and two on his right amputated.

The husband and wife are devastated and said they did not know Ted’s mouth was bacteria-ridden. 

Ted has been put down after doctors said he was responsible for the injuries. 

Mr and Mrs Day in hospital. The husband and wife have spoken of their devastation after Mr Day was bitten and had his legs amputated

Mrs Day said:  ‘It’s like something out of a nightmare. You just don’t believe this has happened,’ 

‘The shock of my brother was one thing, and then my husband. It’s just surreal.’

The bite caused his temperature to soar and legs to feel like blocks of ice.

Organs failing, he was put in a 10-day coma to save his life and awoke to horrifying sights.  

He said to the Mirror: ‘My feet were black almost a third of the way up.

‘I didn’t know whether it was going to keep coming up my body.’

Mr Day is waiting for prosthetic legs so he can go fishing and walk with his granddaughter 

The husband and wife said they did not know Ted caused Mr Harris’ death until after Mr Day nearly died too.  

Mrs Day said the dog had just ‘broken the skin’ on her husband and brother and was a soft dog but was aggressive around food.

The pair think Ted was mistreated as a puppy. 

Mr Harris, Pauline Day’s brother, died in July after he was bitten by Ted the Akita, who was just 7 weeks old

The dog was bought through Facebook and sold by a London seller seven weeks before Mr Harris died.

Mr Harris was bitten while trying to get a bone from the animal’s teeth.   

He had cold sweats and headaches and died at home.  

His brother-in-law Mr Day spent 82 days in hospital and has finally been discharged.

He is hoping to get prosthetic legs soon and said he is pragmatic despite his injuries.

Mr Day is looking forward to going walking with his granddaughter and fishing again.  

He wants to get a puppy as well- but will make sure the vet treats it first. 

Pictured: Mr and Mrs Day, in happier times, who did not know the dog had caused the death of Mr Harris 

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