Inside Prince Harry's $9,000 soccer suite at LAFC stadium

Inside Prince Harry’s $9,000 VIP soccer suite: Duke enjoyed night in director’s box at LAFC stadium alongside co-manager Larry Berg and a White Lotus actress with guests treated to beer, wine, hot dogs and nachos in hospitality package

Prince Harry watched Lionel Messi from a $9,000-a-night VIP suite alongside soccer executives, a Hollywood actress and a future star of the NFL, MailOnline can reveal today.

The Duke of Sussex was sat next to Larry Berg, co-owner of Los Angeles Football Club who lost to David Beckham’s Inter Miami 3-1 last night.

Behind him was actress and LAFC super-fan Connie Britton, the 56-year-old star of Spin City, Friday Night Lights and most recently The White Lotus. And a future star of the NFL, USC quarterback Caleb Williams, was spotted a few rows in front.

Harry had joined a throng of celebrities, including LAFC co-owner Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Owen Wilson, Selena Gomez and Jason Sudeikis. The fifth in line to the British throne was seen warmly greeting Mr Ferrell but did not sit with him, and was with Mr Berg and other executives instead.

Harry appeared to be sitting in a director’s box at the stadium, which cost between $3,000 and $9,000 to hire and include beer, wine, fruit, hot dogs, nachos and other foods and access to a VIP lounge. 

The 38-year-old prince appeared much more enthused by the football than when he was spotted looking bored with Meghan Markle and his mother-in-law Doria Ragland during a Beyonce concert on Friday night.

Harry, whose wife was listed as a guest but did not attend last night, had the chance to meet Messi after the match – joking with one fan that the World Cup winner needed help finding the net.  Before the match started he had chuckled and joyfully scrunched up an LAFC scarf as he cheered on his local team from a box at the BMO Stadium. 

Harry sat with LAFC executives and an array of stars in the BMO Stadium last night from a box costing up to $9,000

The plush boxes have a stocked bar, hot food and access to a larger VIP area

Prince Harry was seen on Sunday night attending an LAFC match against Inter Miami

Harry joked that his message for Messi was ‘put it in the net’ as he arrived to meet the footballer after Inter Miami’s 3-1 win over LAFC yesterday

There was an uncomfortable moment before kick off when he walked straight past Brooklyn Beckham and wife Nicola Peltz amid claims of a feud with the Beckhams.

The Duke of Sussex was filmed being swept to his $9,000-a-night VIP suite by bodyguards before watching Los Angeles Football Club lose 3-1 to Messi’s side Inter Miami at the BMO Stadium.

The prince was cheered by crowds in the lobby as he passed straight by the celebrity couple, who did not meet his gaze despite the commotion.

Although it is not clear if the three stars saw one another, the footage has fuelled speculation of an ongoing feud between the Beckhams and the Sussexes. 

David Beckham, who co-owns Inter Miami, was also among the guests but there was no sign that he met Harry.

It emerged last month that David and Victoria Beckham appear to have been ‘Markled’ – the word cruelly used by critics of Meghan to describe how she is seemingly able to swiftly move on from her once close friends. 

David and Victoria Beckham were guests at her wedding to Prince Harry at Windsor in 2018. However, their friendship seems to have fizzled out, and Meghan and Harry were not guests at the wedding of Brooklyn to US heiress Nicola in April last year.

There were reports of a feud after claims that David and Victoria leaked stories about the Sussexes, an accusation The Mail on Sunday was told left David ‘absolutely bloody furious’.

A source close to the Beckhams said at the time: ‘David and Victoria went to Meghan and Harry’s wedding and were very supportive when Meghan arrived in the UK.’

The couples had bonded because Izzy May, who was David Beckham’s communications director, was friends with Markus Anderson, chief membership officer for private social club Soho House, who helped arrange Meghan’s secret dates with Harry.

But the accusations, which The Mail on Sunday has been told came in a tense phone call, fractured the friendship. The source added: ‘Any making up now is so unlikely.’

Prince Harry walks to his VIP box – straight past Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham (circled right)

Nicola and Brooklyn stared straight ahead, even though others craned their necks to cheer Harry

David Beckham, co-owner of Inter Miami, is pictured on Sunday at the LAFC stadium

Every person on the list of notable attendees had their job title included – except Harry and Meghan

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Meghan now very rarely speaks to her childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy after they reportedly fell out over Meghan’s treatment of her first husband Trevor Engelson.

And stylist Jessica Mulroney, Meghan’s one-time ‘best friend forever’, whose children were pageboys and a bridesmaid at the Sussexes’ wedding, may have fallen out of favour. Ever since Mulroney became embroiled in a racism row with a social media influencer in 2020, she has not been photographed in public with the duchess.

Harry was full of excitement as he watched football legend Lionel Messi help Inter Miami defeat Los Angeles Football Club on Sunday night.

Meghan was also listed among notable names expected to attend but did not make an appearance.

A pre-match ‘notable attendees’ form showed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the list, but where the other stars had their occupation listed, the royal couple were simply referred to as ‘Prince Harry’ and ‘Meghan Markle’.

Inter Miami won the match 3-1, with Facundo Farias, Jordi Alba and Leonardo Campana scoring. Messi, who is paid $54million a year, also got two assists. 

Messi celebrates with his teammates after another win for Inter Miami

Harry looks concerned as LAFC struggle

An animated Prince Harry is seen during the match on Sunday night, when LAFC lost 3-1

The prince is seen arriving at the BMO Stadium in south Los Angeles

Harry’s wife Meghan was on the list of attendees, but she was not seen at the game

Harry is pictured taking his seat at the game on Sunday night

Beckham smiles as he greets Inter Miami players before heading to the stadium

Harry played football at school at Eton, writing in his memoir that he loved all sports.

‘I played every dry sport, though rugby captured my heart,’ he wrote – with ‘dry sports’ at Eton meaning cricket, football, rugby or polo and wet sports being rowing, sailing, or swimming. 

Harry said he found playing rugby therapeutic. ‘Beautiful game, plus a good excuse to run into stuff very hard,’ he wrote.

‘Rugby let me indulge my rage. I simply didn’t feel pain the way other boys did, which made me scary on a pitch.’ 

Sunday night’s game drew a huge crowd eager to see Argentine superstar Messi play his first game in the City of Angels.

Messi signed for the Miami side in July, and has helped the team rocket up the league table – to the delight of co-owner Beckham. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were pictured in the crowd watching Beyonce at the SoFi stadium in Los Angeles on Friday night. Pictured: Harry (right), Meghan (second right) and her mother Doria Ragland (far left) and her Suits co-star and close friend Abigail Spencer (centre)

Prince Harry (right) looked less than enthused as he stared at his phone during the first night of Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour in California last night. Meghan (centre), however, was seen dancing the night away with friends including her Suits co-star Abigail Spencer (far left)

Owen Wilson showed his allegiance to the home side with a LAFC shirt and baseball cap, as did Mario Lopez.

Jason Sudeikis, who plays soccer coach Ted Lasso in the smash hit Apple TV series, was in a bright orange hoodie.

An animated Selena Gomez was also in the stands, while DiCaprio tried to keep a low profile in a dark baseball cap and sunglasses for the evening event. Kick off was at 10pm local time. 

Victoria Beckham, who has frequently attended Inter Miami’s games and brought along celebrity friends such as Kim Kardashian, was not seen on Sunday night.

The Beckham family had gathered in England on Friday night to celebrate the birthday of their son Romeo, who turned 21 on September 1.

David and Victoria were joined by Victoria’s sister Louise, Victoria’s niece Libby Adams, David’s sister Joanna, and family friends including nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson. It is unclear where they celebrated.

The Beckhams’ eldest son, Brooklyn, was not in attendance at the party, nor was his wife Nicola Peltz.

David and Victoria’s US base is a $24million Miami penthouse in the One Thousand Museum building, which they bought in 2020. 

The former England captain moved to Los Angeles to play for LA Galaxy in 2007, and in 2014 announced he was launching his own team.

In September 2018 he revealed it would be called Inter Miami.

Will Ferrell, who co-owns LAFC, was at the match on Sunday night

Harry is seen talking to Ferrell on Sunday night at the match

An animated Selena Gomez is pictured watching the game

Leonardo DiCaptrio is pictured keeping a low profile at the game

Owen Wilson is seen wearing a LAFC baseball cap and shirt at the stadium

Mario Lopez was also at the stadium on Sunday night

The Ted Lasso star was among those at the star-studded event on Sunday

Lionel Messi, who joined Inter Miami in July, is pictured on Sunday on the pitch in LA

Messi is seen in action on Sunday. The Argentine superstar will earn a reported $54million a year with the Miami team

Inter Miami are unbeaten across all competitions since Messi’s arrival, winning seven matches in Leagues Cup play, with two of those on penalties, including the final on August 19 against Nashville SC.

The Herons have subsequently won a US Open Cup match and have gone 1-0-1 in MLS regular-season play.

The run of ten consecutive unbeaten matches is an Inter Miami record.

Messi has 11 goals and six assists in an Inter Miami uniform, but the team was held without a goal in a scoreless tie against Nashville SC on Wednesday.

Nashville’s defence clogged the penalty area to some surprise success.

‘In the first half, the ball was moving too slowly; in the second I think we did a little better, but it was hard for us,’ said Tata Martino, Inter Miami coach. 

‘These games usually happen, I understand everyone’s frustration. We too felt it was a good night to continue gaining ground.’

In two prior matches against LAFC, Inter Miami has not scored a goal. Miami played its first ever MLS match at LAFC in 2020 and lost 1-0.

Inter Miami absorbed a 2-0 home defeat to LAFC last season.

Harry’s visit to the stadium capped a busy weekend, beginning with Friday’s attendance at the Beyonce show.

Harry appeared glum and disinterested as the pair were spotted in a private box along with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland and Abigail Spencer

Harry (left centre) was seen with his hands firmly in his pocket or glued to his phone as he attended the concert with wife Meghan (right centre), her mum Doria (right) and Abigail Spencer (far left)

Beyoncé was decked out in a dazzling silver outfit as she took to the stage in the SoFi Stadium on Friday night 

He is soon due to fly to Dusseldorf in Germany, for this year’s edition of the Invictus Games.

The sporting competition for wounded veterans is being held in the German city from September 9 to 16, with the first day taking place a day after the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Harry is expected to attend the entire games, while Meghan is set to arrive ‘later on’ and stay for the Closing Ceremony before returning to the US, according to close friend and confidant of the Sussexes, Omid Scobie.

It was reported that the Duke of Sussex will be in Britain for the anniversary of Her Majesty’s death, but he is not expected to join the rest of his family – his father King Charles is set to mark the occasion at Balmoral Castle, where the Queen passed away.

Harry will celebrate the achievements and resilience of seriously ill youngsters and their families supported by the charity WellChild, at the event being staged in London on September 7, before heading out to Germany.

A spokesman for the couple said: ‘The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to attend the Invictus Games 2023 in Dusseldorf.

‘The Duke will be in attendance throughout the entirety of the games and will be joined by the Duchess shortly after the games begin.’

Prince Harry is expected to deliver a closing speech, while Meghan will take to the stage to host the ‘Lifestories Scene’ segment, taking a closer look at the stories of some of the athletes competing in the games.

He will apparently praise the competitors’ ‘unwavering spirit and impressive recovery journey’.

The Duke of Sussex has said this year’s games will be the ‘best ever’.

Other figures due to appear include Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German president who hosted the King and Queen in March this year.

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