Meet the 86 women competing to be the next Miss Universe

  • The 71st annual Miss Universe pageant will be held on January 14 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Eighty-six women from all over the world are competing for the crown.

  • The contestants are doctors, lawyers, advocates, makeup artists, and more.

Angola: Swelia Da Silva Antonio

Swelia Da Silva Antonio, 25, is the cofounder of Better Tomorrow Africa, which works to improve people's living standards through needs-based education, according to the Miss Universe website.

Da Silva Antonio became passionate about education and women's rights after experiencing bullying and discrimination at an early age. She hopes to continue working toward the advancement of Angola through her diplomacy.

Argentina: Barbara Cabrera

Barbara Cabrera, 27, is a professional model as well as the owner and creative director of her own clothing brand, BÁRBARA CABRERA Buenos Aires.

Cabrera also currently works with the Margarita Barrientos Foundation, which helps women and families who have suffered gender-based violence, according to the Miss Universe website. The foundation provides housing, meals, a free dental center, and a kindergarten that teaches more than 300 children every day.

Armenia: Kristina Ayanian

Kristina Ayanian, 25, has received the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards and spoke alongside Prince Edward for the organization in Washington, DC. The pageant queen is also a classically trained pianist and has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City multiple times.

Ayanian is the founder of Who We Are, an organization dedicated to providing diversity education, as well as the nonprofit Arevik Armenian Children's Fund, which provides technology and educational supplies to Armenian orphanages, according to the Miss Universe website.

Aruba: Kiara Arends

Kiara Arends, 24, is fluent in four languages and has traveled to more than 20 countries. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in law with a specialization in international business, trade, and tax law, according to her Miss Universe bio. She aspires to work as a corporate lawyer for an international law firm or the United Nations.

When the pandemic hit, Arends founded BUMP, an organization dedicated to equipping young mothers with sustainable resources.

Australia: Monique Riley

Monique Riley, 27, has a degree in creative industries with a focus in fashion and acting. She currently works as an actress and is in the midst of creating her own fashion line.

Riley became an advocate for self-defense training after it helped her through a terrifying personal encounter, according to her Miss Universe bio. Riley now runs boxing classes that teach young women how to protect themselves.

Bahrain: Evlin Khalifa

Evlin Khalifa, 24, is a classically-trained pianist and has a black belt in taekwondo. She also works with the nonprofit Smile Train, which provides free corrective cleft surgery to children in more than 80 countries.

Khalifa wants to use her platform to break down stereotypes about Arab women, according to her Miss Universe bio. She hopes that someday "women from the Arab Region will have more international representation in media, including Disney films, Hollywood shows, and on the Miss Universe stage."

Belgium: Chayenne Van Aarle

Chayenne Van Aarle, 23, has a degree in public relations. She has worked as a flight attendant and is currently a singer, actor, and host.

Van Aarle launched a campaign against body shaming with her first song, "#Selfmade," according to her Miss Universe bio.

Belize: Ashley Lightburn

Ashley Lightburn, 26, works as a mathematics lecturer at the University of Belize. She also has a full-time job at a bank, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Lightburn is an advocate for improving mathematics literacy among women and children and also volunteers at high schools and after-school programs. She hopes to "inspire youth to step outside of their societal brand and be the change they want to see in the world."

Bhutan: Tashi Choden

Tashi Choden, 23, works as a model. She is Bhutan's first-ever Miss Universe contestant.

Choden is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and is "set on making a change and breaking stereotypes," according to her Miss Universe bio. She is an advocate for LGBTQ rights, gender equality, and women's empowerment.

Bolivia: Maria Camila Sanabria Pereyra

Maria Camila Sanabria Pereyra, 28, has a master's degree in marketing and business management. She is passionate about art and loves to paint.

The beauty queen has a nephew with autism and has become dedicated to helping children with the same condition, according to her Miss Universe bio. She wants to be part of the socialization process, which can help "enhance their well-being, happiness, and friendships."

Brazil: Mia Mamede

Mia Mamede, 27, graduated from New York University with degrees in audiovisual journalism and socioeconomics. She has since worked for Brazil's largest TV networks as a host and producer for travel, culture, and sports programs. She also has her own production company, according to the Miss Universe website.

Mamede is also a spokesperson for the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

British Virgin Islands: Lia Claxton

Lia Claxton, 18, is currently pursuing an English degree and hopes to become a lawyer. She also works as a receptionist and junior secretary at a law firm.

Claxton is passionate about track and field, which she began after hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the British Virgin Islands in the span of two weeks in 2017, according to her Miss Universe bio. Claxton said track taught her how to be resilient after the storms destroyed most of the island's major infrastructure.

Bulgaria: Kristina Plamenova

Kristina Plamenova, 26, has a master's degree in law and is currently studying software engineering, according to the Miss Universe website.

Plamenova is an advocate for action on climate change. She is currently an ambassador for a campaign against air pollution and also uses her platform to promote the consequences of global warming.

Cambodia: Manita Hang

Manita Hang, 24, has degrees in accounting and finance and currently works as a finance officer at a multinational firm, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Hang is the first biracial woman to represent Cambodia in Miss Universe. She holds dual citizenship in France and Cambodia and can speak three languages: French, English, and Khmer.

Cameroon: Mouketey Lynette Monalisa Jelly

Mouketey Lynette Monalisa Jelly, 26, is a passionate philanthropist. She launched the Miss Monalisa Charity Foundation and works with children who have been victims of war in her country, according to the Miss Universe website.

The pageant queen also helps children access school supplies through her program Hope Day, and has used her platform to encourage leaders to donate supplies and training workshops to primary schools.

Canada: Amelia Tu

Amelia Tu, 21, is currently pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in biology and business at the University of California, Berkeley.

Tu launched her own company, Organic Code, which has an organic skin-care collection and sustainable clothing line. She wants to use her platform to "spread awareness on the issue of global warming and convince more people to adopt sustainable lifestyle choices," according to her Miss Universe bio.

Cayman Islands: Chloe Powery-Doxey

Chloe Powery-Doxey, 25, has played basketball for 17 years and is currently on the Cayman Islands National Team, winning a championship in 2021, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Powery-Doxey also works with the Cayman Islands National Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the history and biodiversity of the Cayman Islands.

Chile: Sofía Depassier

Sofía Depassier, 24, moved to the US from Chile when she was 10. Inspired by her own struggles with discrimination, bullying, and racism, Depassier launched Universe Without Frontiers, which provides resources to children and young adults who've moved to a new country, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Depassier also founded and manages the @womanalert social network, which aims to improve visibility and education on issues that affect women.

China: Sichen Jiang

Sichen Jiang, 26, has degrees from the University of Cambridge and the University of Manchester in real-estate finance and accounting. She has worked as an investment banking analyst, according to the Miss Universe website.

Jiang volunteered on the front lines during the pandemic and also worked with the nonprofit China Youth of Tomorrow to help low-income, first-generation college students.

Colombia: María Fernanda Aristizabál

María Fernanda Aristizabál, 25, has a degree in media and journalism and currently works as a motivational speaker, model, and influencer.

Aristizabál launched a campaign called #MakeEveryMoment to help support vulnerable communities in Colombia, according to her Miss Universe bio. She also works with the nonprofit organizations Smile Train and Best Buddies and wants to use her platform to bring awareness to water scarcity.

Costa Rica: Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Ávila

Maria Fernanda Rodriguez Ávila, 25, is a civil engineer who loves learning new languages. She is fluent in three languages, including Portuguese, and is now learning Costa Rican sign language.

She is also a member of Lions Club International of Costa Rica and founded her own nonprofit Unbreakable Dreams, which works to support the dreams of young people, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Croatia: Arijana Podgajski

According to the Miss Universe website, Arijana Podgajski, 20, was raised just outside of Zagreb, Croatia, by her single mother, and she now studies economics and management at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management.

Podgajski intends to become a real-estate agent and business owner, and she spends her time advocating for animals and mental health.

Curaçao: Gabriëla Dos Santos

Gabriëla Dos Santos, 20, is a certified life coach, as well as an avid traveler who speaks four languages, according to the Miss Universe website.

Dos Santos aspires to be a motivational speaker and television host, and she founded Light4change in 2019, a nonprofit organization that supports young people and combats cyberbullying.

Czech Republic: Sára Mikulenková

Sára Mikulenková, 20, is not only a teacher, but she also has a cosmetic certificate, according to the Miss Universe website. The beauty industry is where Mikulenková's true passion lies, as she hopes to own her own salon someday.

In her free time, Mikulenková loves to spend time outdoors.

Dominican Republic: Andreína Martínez

According to the Miss Universe website, Andreína Martínez, 25, was born in the Dominican Republic, and her family moved to New York City when she was 13 years old. She knew no English at the time, but Martínez went on to graduate Magna Cum Laude from City College of New York with a degree in psychology and win Google's Pay it Forward Award.

After interning on Capitol Hill with Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Martínez began working at the Women's Equality Center, a nonprofit organization that supports women's groups in Latin America, and she hopes to become the first female ambassador for the Dominican Republic in the United Nations.

Ecuador: Nayelhi González

Nayelhi González, 28, is a licensed nurse, a model, and an activist. According to the Miss Universe website, she cofounded Diamond Youth, which supports young children in Esmerelda, Ecuador.

González is also a passionate singer, a talent she shares with her grandmother.

El Salvador: Alejandra Guajardo

Alejandra Guajardo, 26, has a long history with business, as the Miss Universe website states. As a child, Guajardo sold hand-crafted stones in her neighborhood, and after her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was 18, the pair co-founded a CBD oils business. She went on to earn a degree in International Business.

Guajardoalso loves to travel. She's been to over 40 countries, which has inspired her advocacy for changing the way agricultural products are developed.

Equatorial Guinea: Alba Isabel Obama Moliko

According to the Miss Universe website, Alba Isabel Obama Moliko, 21, is not only a law student, but she also works as a general secretary for Equatorial Guinea's democratic party.

In addition, she's an experienced model and serves as the model manager and director for the television show "Equatorial Guinea Top Model."

Finland: Petra Hämäläinen

In addition to pursuing her master's thesis in education at the University of Eastern Finland so she can be a teacher, Petra Hämäläinen, 26, has been modeling for a decade after being discovered at a grocery store, as the Miss Universe website states.

Hämäläinen is also passionate about helping children develop their lives outside of school, working with the nonprofit HaTTu, which helps children without access to extracurricular activities access hobbies.

France: Floriane Bascou

After earning her scientific baccalaureate degree in science in 2020, Floriane Bascou, 20, started medical school with the goal of becoming an orthodontist, according to the Miss Universe website. She also uses her scientific mind as an official representative for the French Cancer Society.

In her free time, Bascou loves to be active, whether it be through swimming or performing traditional dance, and she is an avid traveler, as it gives her the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

Germany: Soraya Kohlmann

As the Miss Universe website states, Soraya Kohlmann, 24, is a passionate advocate for animals and the environment, committing to being a vegan since she was 12.

Kohlmann works as a pilates trainer, model, and business owner, and she loves to dance in her free time.

Ghana: Engracia Afua K. Mofuman

In addition to her work as a model, Engracia Afua K. Mofuman, 27, has a degree in International Relations, which she uses to work as a translator for English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, as the Miss Universe website says.

Mofuman also dedicates much of her time to service work. She works with medical professionals at the Nushum Female Prison to help inmates get screenings for chronic diseases, and she founded the #PowerInThePencil Project, which promotes literacy for children in Ghana.

Great Britain: Noky Simbani

After earning her master's degree in chemical engineering, Noky Simbani, 25, went on to become a chartered banker. She works in marketing, and she uses her platform Boss Bios to connect with and encourage other women in the business world, according to the Miss Universe website.

Simbani uses her business savvy to help others, becoming a BAME Ambassador for the charity SmartWorks, which gives women who are unemployed access to coaching, professional clothes, and personal styling. She also works with A-Sisterhood, traveling to India to work with the organization Stop Acid Attacks.

Greece: Korina Emmanouilidou

As stated on the Miss Universe website, Korina Emmanouilidou, 22, fell in love with the beauty industry when she became a model at the age of 16. As her career developed, Emmanouilidou discovered her passion for makeup, and she is now pursuing her esthetician's degree from the London Make-up Institute.

In addition, Emmanouilidou loves flying, and she has started taking classes to become a certified flight attendant.

Guatemala: Ivana Batchelor

Ivana Batchelor, 22, studies communications, and she loves to connect with her Guatemalan culture, as the Miss Universe website states.

She aims to be a mental-health advocate, and her goal is to create a nonprofit that helps battle food inequality in Guatemala.

Haiti: Mideline Phelizor

According to the Miss Universe website, Mideline Phelizor, 27, found her way to modeling after being bullied for her tall height. She turned it into an asset for her modeling career, which led Phelizor both to pageants and to found her own modeling agency.

Phelizor is also a law student, and she hopes to focus on children's rights, specifically for kids who have lost parents. Her mother died when she was young, fueling her passion.

Honduras: Rebeca Rodriguez

Rebeca Rodriguez, 20, studies international business and digital marketing at Atlantis University in Miami, and she models to support her education, the Miss Universe website states.

She became a passionate advocate for mental health after working with a transgender immigrant who fled her home country as a result of a lack of acceptance from her family and depression.

Iceland: Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir

Hrafnhildur Haraldsdóttir, 18, is in her third year of school at Commercial College of Iceland, where she studies biology, according to the Miss Universe website. Her goal is to become a reconstructive surgeon so she can help people with cleft lips and burn victims.

In her free time, Haraldsdóttir volunteers with the Josh Neuman Foundation and the Grensas Support Society, and she loves winter sports, such as snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating. She plays the piano as well.

India: Divita Rai

As the Miss Universe website says, Divita Rai, 25, has a degree in architecture, which she used to help build the set for a movie. She also models and works with multiple nonprofit organizations that support children, including Teach for India, CRY, and Nanhi Kali.

In her free time, she loves to run and cook, as well as enjoy music.

Indonesia: Laksmi De Neefe Suardana

Laksmi De Neefe Suardana, 26, earned a degree in fashion business in Italy before returning to Bali, Indonesia, during the pandemic to support impoverished children, according to the Miss Universe website. She worked as a teacher and collaborated with the nonprofit Bali Children Foundation. De Neefe Suardana promotes literacy on her social media, and she's even writing a children's book.

She will be the first Balinese contestant to represent Indonesia at the Miss Universe pageant.

Italy: Virginia Stablum

Virginia Stablum, 24, has always been globally focused, as the Miss Universe website says. She went to high school in England for a year, and she attended international schools that allowed her to learn English, Spanish, and German.

Stablum went on to study digital marketing in college, which led her to become an influencer and international model. She has collaborated with world-renowned beauty brands, but Stablum also advocates for women on her social media, promoting causes like breast cancer, financial independence, and domestic violence support.

Jamaica: Toshami Calvin

According to the Miss Universe website, Toshami Calvin, 26, spent her childhood in Bath, St Thomas, Jamaica, and she later migrated to the United States to get her degree in Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida.

Her degree allowed her to become a therapist for children on the autism spectrum, as well as a registered behavioral technician. Calvin also supports the Jamaica Autism Support Association, a nonprofit.

Japan: Marybelen Sakamoto

Marybelen Sakamoto, 24, has been in love with music for two decades, playing a variety of instruments throughout her childhood, according to the Miss Universe website. She was in an all-girl group in high school, which opened the door for her to perform at two music festivals.

In her adulthood, Sakamoto developed a passion for reducing food waste to help people and the environment, which led her to become a cooking teacher in a national cooking studio in Japan.

Kazakhstan: Diana Tashimbetova

Diana Tashimbetova, 19, is a third-year architecture student at the Kazakh University of Technology and Business. According to the Miss Universe website, she supports several charitable causes, including aiding orphans and marginalized women, and has been raising awareness for cancer since her mother was diagnosed.

Tashimbetova has a love of music — she sings and plays piano — and dance. She also loves spending time in nature with her family of 27 and going on ski trips to the mountains, which she said gives her a boost of energy.

Korea: Hanna Kim

Hanna Kim, 28, works as a linguist and translator in the clinical research field. She is a passionate advocate for the mental health of cancer patients and their families, which is something she does to honor her father, who died from cancer, according to the Miss Universe website.

Kim showcases her artistic abilities in the form of dance and modeling. She has won several awards, including the best performance award from the 2022 International Dance Arts Association Competition.

Kosovo: Roksana Ibrahimi

Roksana Ibrahimi, 24, is a full-time dental student at Alma Mater College. She also works as a human-resources specialist at a construction company, according to the Miss Universe website.

Ibrahimi works with Cancer Support Community of Kosovo — an organization based in Pristina, Kosovo, providing support to patients from all over the world — which she became involved with after her mother died from cancer. She also supported the Let's Do It Kosovo campaign, which helped raise awareness for environmental protection.

Kyrgyzstan: Altynai Botoyarova

Altynai Botoyarova, 18, is a model studying design. She has been competing in pageants since she was 5 years old, according to the Miss Universe website.

Botoyarova dedicates time to volunteering with children at orphanages and spends her summers cleaning up the beaches at Lake Issyk-Kul.

Laos: Payengxa Lor

Payengxa Lor, 21, taught herself English so that she could pursue a career in teaching, according to the Miss Universe website. She said knowing the language has been a tool for her success, and that "if you know English, you will be like a tiger with wings."

In addition to studying to become a teacher, Lor works as a motivational speaker and holds a silver medal in taekwondo.

Latvia: Kate Alexeeva

Kate Alexeeva, 28, is a model, businesswoman, and influencer who has worked with luxury brands including Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Coach, and Guess, according to the Miss Universe website. As a model, she has been on the covers of several magazines, including LUI ITALIA, Marie Claire, and Glam Week UK.

According to her bio on the site, Alexeeva is a chess grandmaster, plays piano, and practices both track-and-field athletics and Muay Thai. She also has an interest in art, culture, communication, international folklore, design, and crafts.

Lebanon: Yasmina Zaytoun

Yasmina Zaytoun, 20, is passionate about sharing her love for her country, and feels a responsibility to use her platform to help those affected by poverty and unemployment. According to the Miss Universe website, she created a foundation called to aid local families. Zaytoun is also an ambassador for the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon.

The activist and motivational speaker is currently working toward a degree in journalism from Notre Dame University, Lebanon.

Malaysia: Cheam Wei Yeng

Cheam Wei Yeng, 26, goes by Lesley and speaks five languages. Having experienced anxiety herself from a young age, and being on the receiving end of cyberbullying after her 2022 Miss Universe Malaysia win, she is now a strong advocate for mental health. According to the Miss Universe website, she believes that "having a healthy mind is key to having a healthy life."

Wei Yeng dreams of one day becoming a scientist.

Malta: Maxine Formosa Gruppetta

Maxine Formosa Gruppetta, 22, loves staying active through sports and exercise, has an affinity for the performing arts, and volunteers at a horse sanctuary catered to children with autism, according to the Miss Universe website.

Additionally, she is dedicated to raising awareness for cystic fibrosis.

Formosa Gruppetta currently works at a packaging company for eco-friendly and vegan skincare, makeup, and fragrances.

Mauritius: Alexandrine Belle-Etoile

Alexandrine Belle-Etoile, 25, is a model, and an elementary school art and French teacher, according to the Miss Universe website. Her love of art extends to a goal she has of visiting the top museums in the world — she enjoyed the Louvre in France and wants to visit the Galleria dell'Academia in Italy next.

Belle-Etoile's dream is to open a school for the arts that caters to people of all ages.

Mexico: Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela

Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela, 26, works with a nonprofit called La Comuna and collaborates with the National Institute of Migration in Mexico, according to the Miss Universe website. She is passionate about human rights and family, and loves folk dancing, and traveling.

Valenzuela also loves sports. According to her bio, she loves to play tennis and "admires Serena Williams for her strength to overcome limits and to become the best player that has ever lived."

Myanmar: Zar Li Moe

Zar Li Moe, 21, enjoys modeling, dancing, and singing. According to the Miss Universe website, her goals are to become an entrepreneur and serve as a role model.

Li Moe currently works with a non-governmental organization educating people about HIV and AIDS. She also wants to create a foundation that will provide general education to young children in rural areas. According to her bio, she works to raise awareness for issues including child abuse, child marriage, and human trafficking.

Namibia: Cassia Sharpley

Cassia Sharpley, 23, is passionate about her work as a paramedic practitioner, according to the Miss Universe website. After witnessing the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on vulnerable people, she founded the Honeycomb Haven Foundation Project advocating for poverty alleviation in the 7de Laan area of Windhoek, Namibia.

According to her bio, she has 17 years of experience in the performing arts — she has been a dancer, singer, actor, model, musician, and songwriter.

Nepal: Sophiya Bhujel

Sophiya Bhujel, 27, is a model and businesswoman who founded Project Red, an initiative working to provide sustainable and free period underwear to the women of Nepal.

According to the Miss Universe website, Bhujel has competed in several pageants, including Miss Eco International, and holds the Guinness World Record for walking up the highest ramp at Mount Everest.

As an avid reader — she loves self-help books — Bhujel believes that knowledge is power, according to her bio.

Netherlands: Ona Moody

Ona Moody, 25, holds a degree in dancing and dance teaching from the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, according to the Miss Universe website. She is also a certified maternity nurse.

While she's a passionate advocate for mental health, Moody also raises awareness for diversity and equity. According to her bio, she is also an advocate for Hulphond Netherlands and the Make-A-Wish organization.

Moody aims to help more women become educated around polycystic ovary syndrome by sharing her own experience with it.

Nicaragua: Norma Huembes

Norma Huembes, 24, works as a public accountant and auditor providing free economics advice to business owners. While entrepreneurship is common among her family members, according to the Miss Universe website, she created a cost accounting system for poultry farms as a 19-year-old volunteer.

Huembes loves modeling, watching Korean dramas, and petting her cats. But she also loves the work she does to combat bullying and the mistreatment of children in schools.

Nigeria: Hannah Iribhogbe

Hannah Iribhogbe, 21, is currently studying business management at Dallas College North Lake Campus. According to the Miss Universe website, she is passionate about charity, community service, youth involvement, and women's empowerment.

Iribhogbe founded the Montana Initiative, an organization that works to feed millions of children all over Africa. According to her bio, it's named after the stage name she took on in high school: Montana.

Norway: Ida Anette Hauan

Ida Anette Hauan, 27, is an electrician turned mental health and substance abuse counselor. She also volunteers at Myas animal shelter, according to the Miss Universe website.

Hauan enjoys training, cooking healthy food, connecting with Norwegian nature, and surrounding herself with her close friends and family. She played the trumpet and clarinet in her school band. From a young age, she also spent time cleaning up beaches, she recycled her clothing, and opted for cycling instead of driving for the sake of the environment.

Panama: Solaris Barba

Solaris Barba, 23, is a psychology student and a television presenter on a show celebrating Panamanian traditions and customs.

She works with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Smile Train Latin America Foundation, and S.O.S. Albinos Panama foundation, according to the Miss Universe website, and is also an advocate of issues surrounding menstrual health and hygiene.

According to her bio, Barba also works on a socially responsible hamburger business that she founded with her sisters.

Paraguay: Lia Ashmore

Lia Ashmore, 28, has spent the past five years working in marketing and graphic design, and does some work as a public speaker. According to the Miss Universe website, she uses her own past experience with contemplating suicide to help others build "a healthy sense of self and identity."

Ashmore enjoys nature, all forms of art, and health.

Peru: Alessia Rovegno

Alessia Rovegno, 24, believes "early childhood education is the ultimate key to a better world," according to the Miss Universe website. Her original dream was to open a school, but now she is an entrepreneur and co-owns her family's bakery.

Rovegno works with several nonprofit organizations, including Bridges, Help Perú, and Estee Lauder's Breast Cancer Campaign.

Philippines: Celeste Cortesi

Celeste Cortesi, 25, is a dedicated volunteer of Save of the Children Philippines, which works to end hunger and malnutrition, and MindNation, a mental-health organization that provides therapy to those in need.

She's also studying real estate, according to her Miss Universe bio, and has dreams of buying her mom a retirement home in the Philippines.

Poland: Aleksandra Klepaczka

Aleksandra Klepaczka, 23, is a multi-instrumentalist who graduated music school at the age of 17. She plays violin, guitar, sings, and is a member of a band, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Her other interests include technology and business — she has a degree in management engineering — and she's passionate about donating blood and educating others in providing first aid.

Portugal: Telma Madeira

Telma Madeira, 23, is passionate about mental health and protecting the environment. She also considers herself an advocate for women's reproductive rights, according to her Miss Universe bio, and often spends time at her local hospital to speak about common medical malpractices.

Her education includes courses on dental customer service, cooking, and baking.

Puerto Rico: Ashley Cariño

Ashley Cariño, 28, is working toward a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She has dreams of becoming the first Miss Universe to enter space, according to her Miss Universe bio, and she wants to work for NASA in the field of rocket propulsion.

Cariño grew up with four siblings, which inspired her to become a mentor to children with mental-health differences through STEM programs.

Russia: Anna Linnikova

Anna Linnikova, 22, is a professional model who got her start when she was 16 years old. She now speaks English and is studying French, and devotes time to learning about literature and art.

Additionally, according to her Miss Universe bio, Linnikova is passionate about the environment and works to find shelters for abandoned animals.

Saint Lucia: Sheris Paul

Sheris Paul, 27, is dedicated to empowering women. She's the longest-serving member of Girls of a Feather, a non-governmental organization that provides mentorships and education to girls in need, and she also dedicates time to the Girls Who Brunch Tour, another NGO that's meant to inspire women.

She's currently a tech entrepreneur, according to her Miss Universe bio, and is working toward a degree in computer information systems. In her spare time, she also works with the Royal Police Force to educate young people about cyberbullying and abuse.

Seychelles: Gabriella Gonthier

Gabriella Gonthier, 24, has traveled around the world. She was born in Australia, raised on Mahé — an island in the Seychelles — and studied in London, England. She now has a degree in business administration and international business, and works as a monitoring and evaluation officer.

She's also passionate about mental health, as two of her family members died by suicide, according to her Miss Universe bio, and advocates for suicide prevention via the Semicolon project.

Singapore: Carissa Yap

Carissa Yap, 22, is a finance and economics student who is dedicated to opening the field to more women. She was raised by a single mother, according to her Miss Universe bio, and believes that women are capable of anything — in finance and other areas.

She's also an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities. She volunteers with MINDsville Singapore, and works with the group to help people hone their motor and emotional skills.

Slovak Republic: Karolina Michalcikova

Karolina Michalcikova, 24, is a model, makeup artist, and student. She currently has one bachelor's degree, and is now studying human resources, management, and engineering.

She also devotes time to dog-focused nonprofits to help abused animals. She donates to them financially, according to her Miss Universe bio, and volunteers with them by taking the animals for walks.

South Africa: Ndavi Nokeri

Ndavi Nokeri, 23, is passionate about learning. She earned a BCom investment management degree before working at an asset management firm, and is now devoting her time as Miss South Africa to advocating for equal education opportunities in her home country.

Prior to that, according to her Miss Universe bio, she also worked with various organizations to teach computer literacy in schools.

Spain: Alicia Faubel

Alicia Faubel, 26, is an advocate for people with eating disorders. She works with organizations to amplify stories from people who have them, according to her Miss Universe bio, and believes that industries including film and television can help change the culture surrounding them.

Faubel is also a model, actor, and multilingual — she speaks English, Spanish, Valenciano, and Tagalog. She's now studying psychology and has dreams of opening restaurants in Spain.

Switzerland: Alia Guindi

Alia Guindi, 19, is a dancer who has been honing her craft since she was 6 years old. She dances classical and contemporary, and also teaches classics to younger dancers.

Now a student, according to her Miss Universe bio, Guindi hopes to become a teacher in the future and share knowledge with younger generations.

Thailand: Anna Sueangam-iam

Anna Sueangam-iam, 24, grew up in a temple amongst Buddhist monks, according to her Miss Universe bio, and had to pay for school each month by donating blood, cleaning bathrooms, and collecting plastic bottles. Her family sent her there to protect her from the unsafe conditions of their hometown.

Inspired by her childhood experience, Sueangam-iam is now passionate about ensuring education for Thai children. She works with nonprofits to advocate for the youth of her home country, and also volunteers with Smile Train Thailand to treat children with cleft lips and palates.

The Bahamas: Angel J. Cartwright

Angel J. Cartwright, 28, describes herself as an author, private banker, and climate-change activist. She often hosts presentations to teach children about climate issues and conservation efforts, and hopes to inspire young people to join her in advocating for the planet.

She has a bachelor's degree in business management, a dual master of science in finance, and an international MBA, according to her Miss Universe bio.

Trinidad and Tobago: Tya Jané Ramey

Tya Jané Ramey, 25, is a master's student working toward her degree in social work. She's passionate about helping younger generations, and currently works as both a children's services associate within the Child Justice Unit of Trinidad and Tobago's Children's Authority and as an executive administrative coordinator for the Caribbean Regional Youth Council.

She previously spent five years as a national volleyball athlete, according to her Miss Universe bio, and is also a dancer and saxophonist.

Turkey: Aleyna Şirin

Aleyna Şirin, 21, is a former graduate of the Istanbul Drama Art Academy, and a current student of interior architecture and environmental design. According to her Miss Universe bio, she's also a trained dancer with a professional certificate, three years of ballet experience, and five years of jazz dancing under her belt.

In the future, she hopes to establish a foundation that allows her to provide shelter to people and animals in need.

Ukraine: Viktoriia Apanasenko

Viktoriia Apanasenko, 29, is dedicated to peace and unity in her home country. She previously earned a master's degree in social work, and later became a Peace Ambassador of the UN Global Compact Ukraine. Now, she supports the group's mental-health projects, researches domestic violence, and raises awareness of gender inequality in the military.

Over the past year, according to her Miss Universe bio, she's also worked as a volunteer by preparing food for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and supplying medicine, hygiene products, and other supplies to Ukrainian families in need.

Uruguay: Carla Romero

Carla Romero, 25, is passionate about education and hard work. She's worked with multinational companies since she was 18 years old, and also earned a bachelor's degree in business administration.

According to her Miss Universe bio, Romero has experienced anxiety and depression and is now dedicated to helping those who are struggling with their mental health.

USA: R'Bonney Gabriel

R'Bonney Gabriel, 28, is a model, fashion designer, and sewing instructor who prioritizes the environment in her work. She launched a sustainable clothing line after earning a bachelor's degree in fashion design, and she incorporates eco-friendly techniques into her sewing lessons at Magpies & Peacocks, a nonprofit organization where she works.

She's also the first Filipino American to win Miss USA, and according to her Miss Universe bio, was later featured in Vogue Philippines. Her mission today is inspiring girls to be themselves and reach their goals.

Venezuela: Amanda Dudamel

Amanda Dudamel, 23, is a fashion designer, business woman, and environmental advocate. According to her Miss Universe bio, she earned a degree at Rome's European Institute of Design and studied fashion sustainability at the London College of Fashion.

In addition to creating a namesake fashion label, Dudamel also serves as the chief executive officer of Made in Petare, an accessories brand that employs local artisan women and supports the Un Par Por Un Sueño foundation to provide essentials to kids in need.

Vietnam: Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu

Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu, 28, is a dedicated ambassador of the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund — a group that supports children with congenital malformation and diseases in Vietnam.

According to her Miss Universe bio, she has future dreams of becoming a producer, entrepeneur, and program host. Through those ventures, she hopes to positively influencer her community and inspire children and women.

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