MLK Day 2021: Martin Luther King Jr. would have been heartbroken by Capitol riot violence, his niece says

MARTIN Luther King Jnr would have been "heartbroken" by the violent Capitol protests, his niece has said on what would be his 92nd birthday.

Today (January 18, 2021) marks Martin Luther King Day,an annual holiday celebrating the Civil Rights leader's birthday – two days before Joe Biden's Presidential Inauguration on Wednesday.

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But in the wake of the Capitol protests on January 6, King's beloved niece, Dr Alveda King, has said she believes the Reverend would have had spread a message of love amongst all.

In an article for Fox News, Dr King said: "People often ask what the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would say today.

"No need to second guess. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

"Surely, the violence at the U.S. Capitol would have broken his heart, as would the partisan witch hunts that seem to multiply daily."

Her comments came after the US Capitol in DC was stormed by protesters.

But Dr King urged Americans to come together during a time of division, and to "increase the peace" by looking out for one another.

"This year, as we observe MLK Day, I urge everyone to remember that it is designated not as a day off from work, but as a day on of service," she continued.

"We can all find something constructive to do in our communities, even if it’s just shaking the hand of the neighbor who supported a different candidate.

"Anything we can do to increase the peace is more than worth our efforts."

It comes as pro-Trump protesters headed to capitols across the US amid mounting fears of Inauguration Day mayhem.

Small mobs of demonstrators – many in military garb – gathered outside statehouses in Michigan, Texas, Oregon, Ohio, Utah, and New Hampshire.

Law enforcement officials have locked down the Capitol building and area since President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the building last week to stop Congress from certifying Biden’s win.

More than 20,000 National Guard members are being deployed to the Capitol and thousands of Guardsmen have already been sleeping on the floor of the building.  

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