Mother who allowed home to be used as torture den for drug gang jailed

Mother-of-three who allowed home to be used as a torture chamber for drugs gang after they kidnapped man and held him captive for £100,000 ransom is jailed for 18 months

  • Jennifer Baker, 35, allowed home to be used for the torture of a 30-year-old man
  • Gang kidnapped the victim and tortured him over 12 hours over £100k ransom
  • Victim was able to escape by chewing through restraints and fleeing to safety
  • Mother-of-three Baker was handed 18 months in prison for assisting an offender

A mother who allowed her family home to be used as a torture chamber for a drugs gang who kidnapped a man for a £100,000 ransom was behind bars today.

Mother-of-three Jennifer Baker, 35, was jailed after the victim was abducted and held hostage in her property for 12 hours during which he was beaten and stripped by eight men before boiling water was poured over his torso and genitals.

The 30-year-old victim was told he would only be released once the six-figure ransom had been paid but when he said he had no money he was tied to a chair and hands and feet bound with a jumper wrapped around his neck.

During his ordeal, the kidnappers threatened to inject the victim with heroin in a bid to ‘turn him into a junkie’ before they force-fed him tablets he believed to be rat poison. They also sexually assaulted him before locking him inside a wardrobe.

The victim only escaped the following morning by biting through his bindings and sneaking past a sleeping guard who was armed with a hammer.

He fled the property to summon help and was later treated in hospital for burns.

Mother-of-three Jennifer Baker, 35, was jailed after she allowed her home to be used by a drugs gang who had kidnapped a man during a plot to try and force him to pay £100k ransom

Police investigating the attack in Blackley, Manchester, discovered Baker had allowed the property to be used in return for drugs.

As the victim was being tortured she was heard asking the gang if they had any narcotics to give her.

At Manchester Crown Court she admitted assisting an offender and was jailed for 18 months.

The ordeal began at 7.30pm on November 12, 2019, after he was accosted by two men outside his home in Blackley, bundled into a nearby car and driven against his will to Baker’s property. 

Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, said: ‘At this house, he was imprisoned and assaulted over a number of hours.

‘Demands were made that unless he handed over a six figure quantity of cash, he would be gravely injured if not killed.

Pictured: Baker’s home in Blackley, Manchester, where the victim was tortured for 12 hours

‘He was assaulted in the kitchen and living room. He was punched in the face, dragged around rooms downstairs, kicked, stamped on, struck with a chair and had his head struck against a wall.

‘He was tied to a chair in the kitchen, his hands were bound with the cord from a set of hair clippers, his feet were bound with rope and a jumper wrapped around his neck whilst his face was covered with a sheet.

‘The violence continued when he was tied up and carried into the living room. He was instructed not to look at anybody but although [the victim] repeated that he had no money to give them, this was met with more beatings. He said there were at least eight offenders.

‘With him either unable or unwilling to comply with their demands, offenders revealed their determination and ruthlessness by threatening and then unleashing extreme and sometimes cruel and degrading violence.

‘The victim was told he was going to be injected with heroin. A syringe was produced to back up the threat and he was taunted that this would render him addicted to this hard narcotic.’

The court heard the victim was then subjected to a sexual assault and had boiling water poured on his genitals and torso. 

Baker, a mother of three, allowed her home to be used in exchange for drugs, a court heard

The prosecutor said the victim then had a sock taped into his mouth, causing him fear that he would suffocate, at which point the gang cut the tape off before force feeding him tablets he was told were rat poison but were actually antidepressants.

He was then locked in a wardrobe upstairs until the following morning.

Mr Bassano added: ‘The victim described how Baker was asking the offenders for drugs during his imprisonment.

‘His impression, and the overwhelming inference, is that offenders more criminally sophisticated than Baker had taken over the use of her house for the purpose of imprisoning him, thus ensuring that the offending house was not a house directly connected to them.’ 

Baker who has since moved to Bolton was initially charged with blackmail, kidnap, false imprisonment and causing grievous bodily harm with intent but her not guilty pleas to those charges were accepted.

Five men are due to be sentenced later over the ordeal, charged with offences including false imprisonment, GBH, blackmail and kidnapping. 

Sentencing Judge Elizabeth Nicholls said: ‘This group of men used your house to imprison the victim, torture him and subject him to degrading, violent treatment. It is right to note that you were to a degree as much a victim as he was. 

‘The people who came to your address undoubtedly used you as they knew you would put up no resistance when they arrived at your door.

‘It is not as if you invited them to your house but you simply had little choice in the matter.

‘You had no part in the violence but of course, you were present when you heard some of the violence being inflicted. I hope when you are released you will be drug-free and that this time in custody will give you the support you need to turn your life around.’

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