Mr Motivator says people who don't exercise should have to pay the NHS back for treatment & smokers should be penalized

MR Motivator has claimed that people who don't exercise and look after their health should have to pay the NHS back and smokers should fall to the bottom of the queue for treatment.

The iconic TV fitness instructor, 67, made the controversial claims as he launches a series of live workout videos aimed at improving the health and fitness of the nation and aiding the overrun health care system.

He also called on PM Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock to lead by example by and workout with him on TV to encourage people to get moving.

The GMTV star – real name Derrick Evans – told The Sun people are putting pressure on the NHS by not taking care of their health and need to be “penalized".

“There is a balance, but I think we should penalize you if you smoke," he said.

"If you smoke and (doctors have) shown you the list of things affected by smoke and you combine with one of those things on the checklist – I am sorry you fall to the bottom of the pile. You have got to be Draconian like that.

"At the end of the day people go, ‘It’s here – the NHS'. But we have abused the National Health Service.

“And we have learned over the last year how important it is. I have only had good experiences with the NHS. The NHS has been a Godsend."

While Derrick was keen to point out that nobody should be denied treatment – he does believe that people who don't exercise and lead unhealthy lifestyles should have to pay a little extra for treatment on the NHS.

“You have got to treat everybody, but what really bugs me is that you know the warnings; if you pay no attention to it well then maybe you should be digging your hand in your pocket and paying more towards your treatment," Derrick said.

“You cannot deny someone treatment no matter the ailment, but maybe if I was warned by the doctor and it was listed in 1983 that you were warned, 'If you don’t do this, you know, it is going to happen'; well if you need treatment maybe you should be paying a further ten percent into the NHS.

“You are encouraging people to be healthy then. You must not penalize anybody who needs health treatment, no matter what they have had by way of warning.

“But what you can do is say, ‘Listen, you have been given three warnings, you did nothing about it – you owe something extra.’ I think that is what we should do – make people take responsibility.”

Derrick, who has spearheaded health ventures for several decades, feels successive governments have failed too with poor policies on keeping people healthy.

He also called on politicians such as Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to practice what they preach and set an example.

He reckons being on TV with Johnson or Hancock working out would inspire millions.

"The person who tries to preach to you should reflect the message," he said.

"So in other words if you are the doctor telling me to exercise and watch what I eat – you must reflect that; otherwise the message means nothing, because I go ‘What about you. What are you doing?’

Derrick, who is kicking off a series of live virtual workout videos with celebrity message service Thrillz next week, says his goal is to get the seven out of 10 people in the country who are out of shape to change their lives.

“My aim is to try and get the message out to as many people as we can, because 70 per cent of the market are totally de-conditioned," he said.

"They do nothing and we need to engage with them, because they are not active in any way mentally, physically and emotionally they are a drain on the National Health Service, and drain on so many things out there.

"Whereas if we can get them to take responsibility and start recognizing just getting up and down from your chair ten times is exercise, put a cushion between your thighs and squeeze or pick up some baked beans cans and shake them like maracas. It is user friendly."

And Motivator, famed for his colourful lycra sportswear, says he sees results from his work by bringing laughter into exercise – and took aim at fellow celebrity fitness instructor Joe Wicks, claiming in his classes "you feel pain".

He said: "Laughter deflects you away from that feeling and pain. It’s like when someone doesn’t use music when they are exercising you feel the pain of every exercise of what you are doing.

“And I have to say that is what is wrong with Joe – you feel the pain. You have got to deflect people away that their muscles are being worked or overworked or breathing is short. You have got to deflect people."

Fitness With The Nation! Mr. Motivator will be going live for 30 minutes every morning between 8:30 and 10:30 (GMT) from January 25th to January 29th on the Thrillz Facebook page.

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