Prince William gives rare insight into royal home life as he jokes son Louis 'lives outside'

PRINCE William shared a rare insight into royal home life as he joked that Louis "lives outside".

During an interview about climate change, William said his cheeky three-year-old spends as much time as he can outdoors.

The prince spoke proudly of his beloved children on a BBC podcast Newscast ahead of his Earthshot Prize Awards this weekend.

Speaking about Louis, he said: "Louis just enjoys playing outside the whole time – he lives outside."

In the interview, the duke revealed the fears he has for his children's generation and said that if they are still only talking about climate change in 30 years' time, it "will be too late".

He said Prince George, his eldest, has already started asking questions about his impact on the planet.

William said: "I think he [George] has a definite sense of realisation and understanding so education is really key.

"So, for instance, knowing not to overuse water, being careful with our resources, turning off light switches, things like that, which was instilled in me growing up.

"So yes, he is acutely aware, more so than the other two at the moment.

"Charlotte is just a bit young, she's still not quite sure.

"But I think it is slowly dawning on them that these things matter but when you are that young, you just want to have fun and enjoy it."

"I feel bad because I don't want to give them the burden of that worry."

He said George has become "a bit confused and annoyed" at the state of the planet during litter picking sessions at school.

He said: "So George at school recently has been doing litter picking and I didn't realise but talking to him the other day he was already showing that he was getting a bit confused and a bit annoyed by the fact they went out litter picking one day and then the very next day they did the same route, same time and pretty much all the same litter they picked up back again.

"And I think that for him he was trying to understand how and where it all came from. He couldn't understand, he's like, 'well, we cleaned this. Why has it not gone away?"

Prince William hit out at the billionaires boys club – Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos for their heavy focus on space travel.

He said: "We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds fixed on trying to repair this planet, not trying to find the next place to go and live."

This week, 90-year-old Captain Kirk star William Shatner was sent into space in Amazon billionaire Bezos's Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.

Shatner become the oldest person in space and was greeted when he touched back down on earth by the internet shopping tycoon.

When he landed, he said: "Everybody in the world needs to see this".

But space tourism for the rich and famous has been roundly blasted including by the United Nations for being massively environmentally unfriendly.

William spoke out ahead of his Earthshot Prize which is giving out £50million over next decade for initiatives that save the planet.

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