QAnon rep Marjorie Taylor Greene faces calls to QUIT for fueling conspiracy that Parkland school shooting was staged

QANON representative Majorie Taylor Greene faces calls to quit after fuelling conspiracies theories that the Parkland school shooting never happened. 

Relatives of the victims who died in the Valentine’s Day shooting in 2018 have demanded the Georgia congresswoman resign after spreading theories that the massacre was staged. 

The horrific shooting resulted in the deaths of 17 pupils and teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida after a lone gunman opened fire. 

The congresswoman’s shocking remarks came to light this week when Media Matters for America unearthed a number of 2018 Facebook posts by the representative. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Pro-Trump representative who was elected to Congress despite supporting wild QAnon theories that the government is run by a “deep state” of Satanist pedophiles. 

In May 2018, Taylor Greene posted a story about Broward County sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson – who was shamed after running away on the day of the school shooting – receiving a pension on retirement. 

In the comments section, a follower wrote: “It's called a pay off to keep his mouth shut since it was a false flag planned shooting.”

Greene replied:  “Exactly.”

Another person commented: “Kick back for going along with the evil plan. You know it's not for doing a good job.” 

And Greene responded: ‘My thoughts exactly!! Paid to do what he did and keep his mouth shut!”

Gun rights activists often claim school shootings are “false flag” events, staged by Democrats with paid actors instead of real victims to bring in tighter gun restrictions. 

Taylor Greene also made bizarre claims that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi "orchestrated" other school shootings in a Facebook post. 

In 2018, Green posted: “I am told that Nancy Pelosi tells Hillary Clinton several times a month that 'we need another school shooting' in order to persuade the public to want strict gun control." 

The comments were deleted on Wednesday after they were discovered this week. 

But relatives of the 17 students and staff killed in the Parkland school massacre have demanded the congresswoman resign. 

Survivor of the shooting David Hogg said Taylor Greene must apologize. 

He said: “Apologize Now or continue to spread these conspiracies and we will be sure to make the next 2 years of your life not only your last in Congress but a living hell as well.” 

Mr Hogg added that relatives and survivors of the shooting would “also accept your resignation in place of an apology”. 

Activist group March For Our Lives – which was created after the tragedy to campaign for gun control tweeted: “@mtaylorgreene, the shooting at our school was real. Real kids died and our community is still grieving today.

“You should be ashamed of yourself and resign from congress. 

“Conspiracy theorists don't deserve a seat in the people's house.”

But the Rep Taylor Greene instead issued a statement, insisting MORE guns are needed in schools to keep students safe. 

She said: “‘Gun-free’ school zones are a FAILURE.

“Laws that prevent legal ownership of firearms turn schools into targets.”

The congresswoman did not explain her 2018 comments on the Parkland School shooting. 

Father Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jamie, 14, died in the attack, demanded the representative explain her views. 

He wrote: “@mtgreenee , your feelings on gun laws are irrelevant to your claim that Parkland never happened.

“You are a fraud who must resign. Be prepared to meet me directly in person to explain your conspiracy theory, and soon.”

The news comes as Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment against Joe Biden yesterday. 

The Republican Congresswoman said President Biden is “unfit” for office and “will do whatever it takes to bail out” his son Hunter. 

Former President Trump made Hunter Biden’s business dealings in China and Ukraine a line of attack against Joe Biden during the 2020 election campaign – but Hunter Biden has denied any wrongdoing.   

Representative Taylor Greene was also suspended from Twitter for 12 hours last week after calling Trump supporters to "mobilize" in the wake of the US Capitol riots. 

As soon as the ban was lifted, she returned to the platform to slam the company and other tech giants for playing "God."

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