Second stimulus checks must be sent within 11 DAYS – otherwise you’ll be waiting MONTHS

THE second round of stimulus checks must be sent within 11 days, otherwise Americans may be waiting months.

According to the language in the $900billion aid package, checks must be sent out by January 15.

The tight deadline written into the coronavirus relief bill hopes to assure easier payments than the initial rollout of the first stimulus checks in April.

However, for Americans that have not yet received the second check by the deadline, it will need to be claimed when filing federal tax returns in 2021.

While doing so, anyone who did not receive cash from the first $1,200 checks can do so in the same return.

This is less likely to affect those who are receiving their checks via direct deposit – but if there is any delay they will also have to claim later.

The IRS made it impossible to sign up for a direct deposit if people had not already done so on January 2.

The first batch of EIP cards are also being sent much quicker than the first time round, as distribution began this week.

Despite the IRS removing the ability to track payments on the "Get My Payment" website, the agency said it expects the online tool to be operating again in a few days.

Other issues are feared to hold up the payments such as the complex requirements and incomplete details of receivers.

The IRS and US Treasury began working through the payments on December 29, giving them 17 days to deliver.

The first paper checks were sent on December 30, a rapid timing turnaround compared to the first lot of stimulus checks.

The US Treasury is able to process between 5million and 7million paper checks a week in addition to checks for other federal programs, according to a Government Accountability Office report in June.

Each eligible adult and child will receive a $600 check – not the $2,000 that Trump had pursued.

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