Stoned mum, 27, filmed herself on Snapchat speeding 88mph on M60 before ploughing car into barrier

A STONED mum filmed herself on Snapchat speeding along the M60 at 88mph before ploughing her car into a barrier.

Crystal Ward, 27, drove her Volkswagen Golf in Trafford while recording herself on her phone.

The Snapchat video showed Ward's dashboard while loud music played in the background on June 11 last year.

Just before the video cut off her partner said "babe" – and the car then drove onto the main carriageway.

Ward, from Bradford, then hit a barrier at high-speed, throwing her from the driver's seat and ripping the engine out of the car.

The mum-of-three's Volkswagen flew into the air and hit two lighting columns, leaving the vehicle severely damaged.

Another car then smashed into the engine but they managed to make a lucky escape with only a punctured tyre.

Ward's partner was trapped in the passenger seat of the car when cops arrived at the scene.


Ward was more than four times over the drug driving limit for cannabis, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

She pleaded guilty to drug driving, driving while disqualified and driving with no insurance.

Paramedics found her phone and handed it over to cops who found the Snapchat video.

Ward narrowly avoided jail – having already been disqualified from driving with seven previous convictions for nine offences.

The Crown said Ward showed a "deliberate disregard for the safety of others".

In sentencing, Recorder Jon Close said: "For an unknown reason you drove straight into that barrier and the impact saw the car be flown into the air and the engine came flying from the vehicle.

“It could have easily caused a fatality.”

She was given a year-long prison sentence suspended for two years.

She was banned from driving for five years and told to take a retest.

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