Terrified mum finds massive huntsman spider in her car then hundreds of its babies hatch while she was driving

A MOTHER bravely removed a huge huntsman spider from her car only to find HUNDREDS of its babies had hatched while she was driving.

Mum-of-three Emma, from Adelaide, Australia, first spotted the creature on her dashboard on Christmas Day.

Yet, while she promptly squashed the arachnid, the infestation had already begun.

Over the next couple of days Emma said she saw babies “coming out of nowhere” as she drove with her kids in the back of the car.

During one scary incident, the mum – who has a son, five, and two daughters, aged 10 and 12 – had to battle a baby spider while driving down a motorway at 60mph.

She told the Daily Mail Australia: “Over next couple of days, when I was driving with my kids in the car, babies started coming out of nowhere.

“My eldest freaked out when she saw a baby in the front seat, the other two in the back turned into statues.”

In order to cleanse her car of the arachnid army, Emma bought a “bug bomb” which unveiled the horrific network of silk web left by the spiders.

Emma left the insect bomb in the car to do its job and she has since removed all the dead spiders.

After the mum posted the pictures on Facebook, the story has went viral with many users urging her to “burn the car.”

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